Using a Pressbooks eBook

Welcome to the world of electronic textbooks, often called ebooks or webbooks! This particular ebook has been created using the Pressbooks platform. If this is your first time using a Pressbooks ebook, this chapter will provide some basic information on navigation, download options, and special features in this particular ebook.

Basic Navigation

There are multiple ways to navigate through an ebook, either from the main title page or within the ebook itself. You do not have to register or have login credentials to use an ebook! Starting from the title page, you can read the ebook on page 1 using the “Read Book” button. This is like opening a physical book to the first page! You can also scroll down to see all the ebook’s contents and go directly into any section or chapter by clicking on the chapter or section title. Some chapters may have a “lock symbol” next to them, indicating they are not publicly visible on the internet or password-protected; e.g., they may be designated for ERAU class use only. If you think you should have access to the content and do not, then you should contact Dr. J. Gordon Leishman for more information about how to proceed or to gain access.

A screenshot of a Pressbooks title page with the Read Book button and individual chapter links highlighted for navigation.

Once inside an ebook, you have a few other options for navigation. You can return to the title page by selecting the ebook’s title or see all book contents using the “Contents” drop-down in the upper left corner. For example, clicking on any chapter or section title on the title page will take you to that part of the ebook. Finally, you can use the navigation bar at the bottom of the page to move forward and backward in the ebook (like reading a physical book in order).

Sections with the header or subhead in RED are suitable for more advanced students. For students taking AE201 at ERAU, these parts are separate from the formal course material and from an examination perspective. However, all students should still pay attention to the content because it will likely give a broadened perspective on the course material.

A screenshot of a Pressbooks internal chapter. The contents drop-down, book title, and navigation bar at the bottom are highlighted.

Download Options

This ebook may be available to download in various formats, such as a .pdf for offline reading or other uses. You can return to the ebook’s title page to see what formats are available for download. In addition, download options will be available in a drop-down under the ebook’s cover image. So that you know, some interactive features are only visible in web-enabled versions of this ebook. Therefore, components removed in offline formats should be replaced with a warning and link to the online-only content.

Search Feature

Above the ebook’s title will be a search box with a magnifying glass symbol or a menu button that looks like three parallel lines in the upper right of the ebook. The search function will be available if you open the drop-down menu. This then gives a full-text search of the ebook and will return the chapters where the word appears. Put the term in quotations if you need to find a specific phrase. For example, “lift capability” will search for the phrase rather than the words “lift” and “capability” separately.

Special Features in this ebook

This ebook includes unique features that only work, or work best, within the ebook version.

  • Links: This ebook has been enhanced with links to other web pages and resources. These are designed to enrich your learning of the material and provide additional content. Generally, additional content outside this ebook is not owned or maintained by ERAU, the textbook author, or your instructor.
  • H5P Activities: This ebook includes interactive quizzes using a software package called H5P. These are only available in the ebook version of the book.

Errors & Corrections

Because this is an ebook, it is possible to quickly address any errors that may have arisen after publication. If you have a correction to suggest, then please submit it to Such errors may include:

  1. A typographical error.
  2. A broken URL link.
  3. Needed addition(s).
  4. Factual inaccuracy in content.
  5. Incorrect calculation or solution.
  6. General/pedagogical suggestion or question.

Copyrighted Content

This ebook contains copyrighted material, which the copyright owners may not have specifically authorized. The author, J. Gordon Leishman, in all good faith, believes that the reuse of these materials constitutes academic “fair use” as described in Section 107 of the Copyright Act. Users of this ebook who wish to use any copyrighted material beyond those authorized by the fair use doctrine for academic purposes must refer to and obtain permission from the copyright owner(s) of the original content. Unless noted otherwise, all figures used in the text are the intellectual property of J. Gordon Leishman and are licensed for use by others under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license.


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