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African Civil Aviation Commission (AFCAC) is the designated institution responsible for enabling a robust African aviation industry to support the economic and social transformation of the African continent and people. It is a consultative body established to provide leadership, guidance and robust frameworks to develop and implement initiatives, standards, programs and measures for African civil aviation. AFCAC executes its mandates and objectives in coordination and collaboration with African States, Regional Economic Communities, regional aviation organizations, aviation industry, international partners and all relevant stakeholders. AFCAC is also the Executing Agency of the Yamoussoukro Decision of 1999 designed to establish a liberalized air transport market for a better-connected Africa in accordance with the AU objectives for ensuring an integrated, prosperous and united Africa. Their mission is to foster a safe, secure, efficient, cost effective, sustainable and environmentally friendly civil aviation industry in Africa.

African Drone Forum (ADF) – membership organization that bridges a diverse mix of industry stakeholders, including policymakers, innovators, startups, youth, and corporations. As a hub for the exchange of ideas and industry advancement, the forum offers its members unique access to webinars, research, and a network dedicated to the advancement of drone technology and workforce development in Africa.

africanDRONE is an African non-profit empowering civic drone pioneers across the continent. They believe that drones give citizens powerful new ways to better understand their world and to improve public accountability. africanDRONE seeks to empower local pilots through a self-help network that offers seed funding, skills development, resource sharing, advocacy, and networking opportunities for members.



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