Appendix A-E – Entities (VIDEO)

Last updated on June 18, 2024

Non-exhaustive list of companies involved in the UAS / UAM / AAM space.

Useful tool for job hunting or making connections with industry. – provides real-time traffic in the air and on the ground – live CTAF/tower audio – scheduled arrivals and departures – parked aircraft – by installing a 30-inch outdoor antenna, basic Internet connectivity, indoor space for a small receiver device (included as part of the service) at an airport, FBO or fleet operator of any size

7A Drones Co. Ltd. – provide global drone application solutions – integrate local technological industries – harness advanced Taiwanese technology

A2Z Drone Delivery – medical delivery – last-mile logistics – inter-site transport – search and rescue – shore to ship

AARONIA – internationally-renowned company – founded in 2003 – headquartered in Strickscheid, Germany – specialize in measuring, tracking and monitoring technology in many fields

AARTOS Drone Detection System – develop and deliver technology to enable customers to strengthen and defend their privacy and infrastructure from unauthorized drones

Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA)

nonprofit community of enthusiasts who come together to celebrate model aviation – hobbyists who dream, design, build, and fly model aircraft of all sizes for fun and competition – enjoy the company of fellow enthusiasts – love flight – want to see participation in the hobby grow – nationwide network of clubs supports this passion by providing flying fields, mutual learning, and a safe and fun environment for model aviation activities – advocate for the safe enjoyment of model aviation

Accipiter Radar – leading provider of high performance radar surveillance solutions – built upon patented Radar Intelligence Network™ (RIN) Platform Technology – US and Canadian headquarters – deploys proven Surveillance-to-Intelligence™ (S2I) systems to customers around the world – enhancing their capability to meet today’s and tomorrow’s security and safety challenges

Ace VTOL – nothing on their website as of April 2, 2024

ACSL Inc.US subsidiary of ACSL Ltd., Japan’s largest drone manufacturer – publicly listed company on the Tokyo Stock Exchange – Incorporated in California in January 2023 – committed to bridging US commercial drone market needs with Japan’s growing ecosystem of drone offerings – led by aviation and drone industry experts with prior leadership experience in companies such as Boeing and DJI – additional guidance from an Advisory Board that collectively represents decades of experience in industries spanning Aerospace, Utilities, and Emergency Response

Acutronic Grouphistory of building technologies and teams that are crucial to the aerospace, defense, and transportation industries – Simulation & Test Division is the global market leader in high-performance motion simulation and test equipment – also develops and refurbishes stabilized or gimbaled-platforms – Aerospace Components Division manufactures specialty components for use on uncrewed aerial vehicles, land defense applications, and missile systems

Adacel Technologies – Australian publicly traded company – leading global architect of air traffic management and training solutions

ADDMAN – metal and polymer 3D printing, precision CNC machining, and injection molding

Advanced Aircrew Academy – enables flight operations to fulfill their training needs in the most efficient and affordable way – provide high quality professional pilot, UAS pilot, flight/cabin attendant, flight coordinator, maintenance, and line service training modules delivered via the web using a world class online aviation training system

Advanced Air Mobility Cooperative Research Centre – launched in September 2023 – leverage Australia’s established aerospace capability and support growth of new and emerging aviation technology companies through cooperative research

Advanced Air Mobility Institute – international non-profit research center dedicated to educating and advocating for the broadest public benefit through the AAM ecosystem globally – committed to protecting people, their rights, and the systems they rely on, by seeking to accelerate access to these new technologies in an ethical and responsible way

Advanced Air Mobility International – global information hub (news and video) for engineering and technical developments in AAM and UAM

Advanced Navigation – world leader in AI robotics and navigation technologies – leverage capabilities in AI neural networks – solutions deliver unparalleled capabilities and exceptional performance across land, air, sea and space applications – mission is to be the catalyst of the autonomy revolution

Advanced Scientific Concepts LLC – leading provider of real time, global shutter, solid-state, 3D flash LIDAR (3DFL) ranging/imaging systems – 3DFL technology offers superior distortion free scene range/intensity mapping capabilities required for real time mapping, guidance navigation & control, situational awareness, tracking, and augmented reality applications

Aergility Corp. – long-range autonomous delivery – ATLIS aircraft is capable of long-range, heavy-lift deliveries straight to the point-of-need – enables a new Distributed Logistics paradigm – 500 pounds of payload and 400+ miles of range

Aerial Vehicle Safety Solutions Inc. (AVSS) – founded in 2017 – Canadian aerospace company commercializing safety technologies for UAM – offers Parachute Recovery Systems and Flight Termination Systems for commercial drones

Aerium – 501(c)(3) non-profit formed with the purpose to cultivate the pipeline between students, educational institutions, and the aviation industry

Aerium Analytics – pioneer in the use and evolution of drone technology designed to provide industry-specific solutions in the forestry, energy, mining, and logistics sectors

Aeroauto – based in Palm Beach County, Florida – specialize in the sale and service of UAM Vehicles to clients nationwide – an eVTOL Specialized Aeromall

Aerofugia – brand of Zhejiang Geely Holding Group Co., Ltd. – committed to research, development and commercial operation of global low-altitude smart transportation aircraft

AeroMobil – established in 2010 – design, develop, and commercially introduce the world’s first flying car – AeroMobil

Aero Montreal – Quebec’s aerospace cluster – strategic think tank created in 2006 – groups all the major decision makers in Quebec’s aerospace sector, including companies, educational and research institutions, associations and unions – mission is to mobilize industry players around common goals and concerted actions to increase the cohesion and optimize competitiveness of Quebec’s aerospace cluster – aims to foster the growth and expansion of the cluster to ensure that it may continue to create wealth for Montreal, Quebec and Canada – strategic action plan includes the creation of working groups dedicated to six areas of intervention, namely supply chain development, branding and promotion, innovation, human resources, defense and national security and commercialization and market development

Aerolane – Autonomous Cargo Gliders that can double or triple the capacity of existing planes – capacity increase is possible with minimal additional fuel and without adding pilots or mission complexity – dramatically cuts emissions – reduces overall operational costs by up to 65%

Aeronix, Inc.trusted supplier to the defense and commercial industries for high performance, reliable communications, rugged Ethernet and network, and surveillance system solutions

Aeroprobe Corp.leading producer of air data and flow measurement systems for the aerospace, automotive, turbomachinery, and energy industries – Micro Air Data Systems for flight systems offer real-time data for research and flight testing – extensive line of probes are capable of performing in unusual and complex testing scenarios, including those with unsteady flows and extreme temperatures – turnkey systems include instrumentation for measurement solutions, hardware for data collection, and software for data reduction, analysis, and visualization

Aerotate GmbH – specialize in creating high-performance smart batteries designed specifically for robotic applications such as drones – batteries seamlessly communicate with the host application, providing all essential system data in real time – battery frames and chargers tailored to fit each drone’s needs, ensuring rapid and efficient charging – engineered for effortless swapping, battery changes can be completed in seconds, reducing downtime and enhancing overall productivity

Aerovel – led by the aeronautical veterans who invented and developed the Group 2 small tactical unmanned aerial system (STUAS), a backbone of US military and allied intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition and reconnaissance (ISTAR) missions worldwide

AeroVironment – puts cutting-edge tools in the hands of frontline warfighters, first responders, space explorers, and more – from air, land, and sea to space and cyber – their solutions provide them with game-changing perspectives, capabilities, and control to protect their lives and empower their missions

AeroVolt – fully featured management system for electric aircraft and eVTOLs with detailed charging scheduling, manual and automated flight logging and aircraft operations

Aerovy – energy planning and management built for AAM – comprehensive suite of solutions to power electric aviation goals

AeroX – nonprofit organization of business, government and community partners focused on creating a national model ecosystem for AAM ecosystem in Winston-Salem and Forsyth County, North Carolina, with the goal to help companies thrive by developing and leveraging unmanned aircraft technologies

AEVEX Aerospace – full-spectrum airborne intelligence solutions – products and services for responsive and agile intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance mission needs

AFWERX – innovation arm of the Department of the Air Force – powered by the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) – brings cutting edge American ingenuity from small businesses and start-ups to address the most pressing challenges of the DAF – 4 core arms of AFWERX – AFVentures, Spark, Prime and SpaceWERX – serve to expand the defense industrial base for advanced technologies, empower Airmen and Guardian talent, and drive faster technology transition to operational capability – teams internationally across academia, industry and government to develop technology, expand talent and transition dual-use capabilities

AFWERXAgility Prime – Air Force’s transformative vertical lift program that is partnering with the eVTOL commercial industry to propel the third revolution in aerospace and start to field a new class of air mobility systems

AgEagle Aerial Systems – drones, sensors and software for automated aerial intelligence

Aha – partnered with the drone company Flytrex to launch the world’s first autonomous drone delivery system in Iceland, bringing on-demand aerial deliveries to a large portion of the capital Reykjavík’s citizens

AIBOT – launched AIBOT in 2022 – envision a safe, simple-to-operate aircraft for everyday use – entrepreneurs Jerry, RK, and ZK reimagine travel

Ainstein – creates advanced radar sensors that enable intelligent driving, flying, working, and living – provide innovative, high-performance, and autonomous radar sensors in the Aerospace, Specialty Vehicle, and Internet of Things (IoT) industries – based in Lawrence, Kansas – backed by major investors like Doosan Bobocat

Air-Dynamic headquartered in Lugano, Switzerland – offer 360 degree air and helicopter services – offer ad hoc charter flights of VIP helicopters (Switzerland, Italy, French Riviera and French Alps) and VIP Jets (main base is in Lugano, but organize flights with private jets all over the world), aircraft sales, purchase and management (worldwide), and offshore Helicopter Rental and Sales on Private Yachts (Worldwide)

Air Electro (AEI) – established in 1952 – family owned, Veteran-Founded organization – brings over 69 years of experience to the following industries: Civil Aviation, Aerospace, Defense, Industrial, Avionics, Motorsports, Automation, Lighting, Transportation, as well as supporting the In-Flight Entertainment (IFE) Market – products and services include the manufacturing and distribution of electrical connectors, contacts, and related accessories – offers complete manufacturing capabilities for custom connectors and contacts, specializing in the manufacturing of printed circuit contacts

Airborne Public Safety Association (APSA) – 501(c)(3) non-profit educational, individual membership organization – founded in 1968 to support and encourage the use of aircraft in public safety – over 3,000 members strong from the international to the local level – provides networking systems, educational seminars and product expositions

Airborne Systems Group – parachute design and manufacturing – foundation of over 100 years of designing, developing, and fabricating parachutes – create and manufacture best-in-class parachutes for the military; GPS precision guided cargo delivery systems; low cost cargo delivery parachutes; parachute releases; personnel and cargo systems; rescue and survival equipment; space and air vehicle recovery systems; and deceleration systems for high-performance aircrafts

Airbus product line of commercial aircraft has transformed the way we live and interact with the world – opening borders, connecting cultures and changing the way we think and feel about our global neighbors – partner with over 400 operators and customers – fly more than 48,000 routes worldwide – 12,000-plus Airbus aircraft in service today

CityAirbus NextGen – Airbus presented its full electric CityAirbus NextGen prototype to the public, ahead of its maiden flight in 2024 – two-tonne class CityAirbus – wing span of approximately 12 meters – developed to fly with an 80 km range and to reach a cruise speed of 120 km/h, making it perfectly suited for operations in major cities for a variety of missions

ZEROe – world’s first hydrogen-powered commercial aircraft

AirData UAV – automatically capture drone flights and pilot data – meet compliance requirements – discover early signs of problems to prevent surprises – effortlessly track maintenance – live stream anywhere

Airgility – early-stage unmanned aerial systems company uniquely combining engineering, performance, effectiveness, adoption, and manufacturing

AirModo – offers drone operators fast, simple, and affordable drone insurance in a single, easy-to-use app

AirSentinel – cutting-edge technology – powered by crowd-sourced data and the AirSentinel app – combined with Airspace Monitoring Stations (AMS) – delivers crystal-clear insights into the airspace around you – trusted by numerous Federal, State, and local agencies, as well as private sector users – sets the standard for unparalleled airspace monitoring and advanced data analytics

Airspace Link, Inc. – enables safe integration of drones into national airspace and communities at scale through digital infrastructure, strategic partnerships and thought leadership

Airspace Systems Inc. – Jaz Banga, Noah Moore and Earl Stirling founded Airspace Systems in San Francisco in 2015 to ensure safe and secure skies – artificial intelligence, machine learning and advanced robotics enable their solutions – drone security technologies continue to evolve and to drive the innovations they are bringing to market – worked with the Department of Defense to develop Airspace Galaxy platform

Airvolute – scalable drones and autopilots – one-stop solution for UAS developers combining carrier board, companion computer, rich connectivity, and ESCs (v1)

AirWise Solutions – provide dynamic 3D situational awareness for leaders managing critical infrastructure and public safety operations

AirX Inc. – private jet airline – diverse fleet – go-to choice with major corporations and governments worldwide – discreet transport of key influential individuals and heads of state – hurried delivery of secure documents or a multi-city roadshow maximizing executives’ time

AiSeed Inc – provide a high-performance small Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (sUAV) solution designed for the military, public safety, and industrial inspection markets – incorporates AI technology specifically engineered for reconnaissance, surveillance, inspection, and rescue missions

Alaka’i Technologiespioneer in the air mobility sector – based in Stow, MA, just outside of Boston – vision is to make air mobility an everyday option for millions of people while minimizing the environmental impact – officially founded in 2006 – began engineering design on their first vehicle in 2018 – founded by experienced aerospace leaders – the name Alaka’i is of Hawaiin origin and means to lead or to guide – takes its roots from the Alaka’i Wilderness Reserve, symbolizing respect for the environment and the desire to preserve it – the first aircraft, Skai, is a hydrogen fuel-cell powered air mobility system

Alaris – based in Windham, Maine, USA – stands as a provider of customized and commercial RF and microwave electronics as well as cutting-edge antenna solutions – proud supplier of high-quality RF components sourced from Linwave and Kuhne, alongside state-of-the-art antenna systems from COJOT and Alaris Antennas

AlarisPro, Inc. – comprehensive UAS fleet management SaaS platform that provides real-time data and component-level tracking to optimize fleet operations

Alauda Aeronautics – racing to deliver a revolution in personal air mobility so everyone will own a flying car

Alder Renewables – goal to develop projects close to the source of sustainable biomass, rather than transporting the raw materials long distances from multiple sites back to one central facility – localized approach will allow them to bring direct socioeconomic benefits to local communities, reduce transport needs, and to be more capital and carbon efficient – proprietary platform converts abundant and sustainable biomass into low-carbon to carbon-negative Alder Renewable Crude (ARC) which can then be refined into low or even carbon-negative sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), other transportation fuels, including marine fuels, and renewable chemicals

Alef – In 2022, the company officially rebranded under the name “Alef” and launched its public facing website along with a defined mission and vision for a new consumer future. Alef – as in the first letter of a Phoenician, Aramaic, Hebrew, Arabic, Persian, Syrian and other alphabets – signifies the leading position Alef will eventually occupy in the hearts, minds, and garages of the public

All Flex Solutions, Inc. – flexible circuit boards

Alliance for System Safety of UAS Through Research Excellence (ASSURE)

comprised of 25 of the world’s leading research institutions and more than 100 leading industry and government partners – ASSURE members are core to 3 FAA UAS test sites – lead 4 FAA research centers – have 7 airfields and a 340 UAS fleet – 24 more UAS than the USAF – features expertise across a broad spectrum of research areas, including ATC interoperability, UAS airport ground operations, control and communications, detect and avoid, human factors, UAS noise reduction, UAS wake signatures, UA pilot training and certification, low altitude operations safety, spectrum management and UAS traffic management

AllianceTexas Mobility Innovation Zone (MIZ) – 27,000-acre master-planned development at the heart of the DFW metroplex, one of the fastest-growing regions in the country – provides businesses with everything they need to succeed—a pro-growth economy, a highly skilled workforce and a wide variety of amenities for employees, residents and their families – region also offers one-of-a-kind resources including easy access to international business travel, exceptional educational institutions, and access to an abundant, qualified workforce – ample available space to accommodate businesses of any scale—from move-in-ready office space to corporate, build-to-suit headquarters for thousands of employees

Allocortech – engineer safety-critical systems enabling next generation vehicles for air, land and sea – provide COTS or bespoke solutions to customers with quick turnaround times

All Secure Group – brings together three key components when implementing a comprehensive security strategy for schools – along with state-of-the-art physical building access control systems, cutting edge video surveillance technology and secure IT data infrastructure solutions, education facilities can feel empowered in the war on violence and other criminal activity that may come against the organization – enforceAir, flagship counter-drone offering, is the industry-leading cyber, radio frequency (RF)-based takeover technology that provides end-to-end detection and mitigation for situational awareness and operational continuity

Aloft – unifies the mission, aircraft, and data to make drone operations safe and reliable – streamlines the disconnected collection of tools and technologies into a unified drone operation that makes flight safer and more valuable

Alpha Unmanned Systems – manufactures small tactical helicopter UAVs for clients including the US DoD and others in more than 8 countries – used frequently for maritime security and ISR missions – A800 and A900 platforms are fully autonomous and use either gasoline or heavy fuel

Altaport – provides a modern operations management toolset for today’s airports and heliports and tomorrow’s vertiports and droneports

Altitude Angel – lead a consortium of businesses to build and develop 165 miles (265km) of ‘drone superhighways’ connecting airspace above Reading, Oxford, Milton Keynes, Cambridge, Coventry, and Rugby – Skyway superhighway network will help unlock the huge potential offered by unmanned aerial vehicles and be a catalyst to enable growth in the urban air mobility industry

AltoMaxx Technologies – deliver comprehensive end-to-end solutions across industries and geographies to realize the possibilities of drone technology

Amentum – creating a safer, smarter, cleaner world – beyond delivering complex engineering and technical solutions – finding ways to champion the environment, society, and responsibilities to the communities

American Aerospace Technologies, Inc. (AATI) – remote sensing, flight systems and flight services company – lead the way in UAS and patrol of critical infrastructure

American National Standards Institute (ANSI) – private, non-profit organization – administers and coordinates the U.S. voluntary standards and conformity assessment system – founded in 1918 – works in close collaboration with stakeholders from industry and government to identify and develop standards- and conformance-based solutions to national and global priorities

American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM)

globally recognized leader in the development and delivery of voluntary consensus standards – over 12,000 ASTM standards are used around the world to improve product quality, enhance health and safety, strengthen market access and trade, and build consumer confidence – more than 30,000 of the world’s top technical experts and business professionals representing 140 countries are members

Ameriflight – largest Part 135 Cargo airline in the nation

Ampaire – developed and is flying AmpDrive system in multiple hybrid-electric aircraft – leader in hybrid-electric with over 17,500 miles flown across their fleet, and with a 100% safety record

Amphenol All Sensors – leader in design to manufacturing of low and ultra-low pressure sensors – product line is notable for its high accuracy, repeatability, and a wide range of customizable features – pressure ranges are available as low as 0.25 in H2O and as high as 150 PSI

Amprius Technologies – founded in 2008 – pioneer and established leader in the production of silicon anodes for high energy density lithium-ion batteries

AMSL Aero – home-grown Australian aerospace company – headquarters in Bankstown, New South Wales and flight test facilities in regional New South Wales – team comprises experts in aerospace design, flight test and manufacturing, and highly experienced business professionals from across the aviation sector – Vertiia is designed and built in Australia

Anduril – defense products company – core system is Lattice OS, an autonomous sensemaking and command & control platform that serves as the core platform for their suite of capabilities

Angel Aerial Systems – redesigned the airframe in a way that allows for 2 hours of hover time, 3 to 6 times longer than traditional quadcopters – game-changing drone designed for missions that save lives and serve the community, including public safety, infrastructure inspections, and defense

ANRA Technologies – born as a paper napkin idea in 2015 that resulted in a garage prototype which won the coolest technology award at a show in Washington DC – operate at a global scale with offices in Washington DC, London, and New Delhi

Antcom Corporation – ISO 9001-2015 certified leader in the design, development, manufacturing and testing of a wide range of positioning, navigation and timing (PNT) and communication antennas – antennas are accurate, rugged and resilient to excel in harsh environments, from the extreme temperatures of space to the intense vibrations of small platforms

APEX Space and Defense Systems – deliver world-class, lightweight, durable solutions for the space, defense and mission-critical infrastructure industries – work advances complex, essential operations that protect our nation, connect our world and explore our universe

Applied Intuition, Inc. – delivers the definitive ADAS and AD development toolchain and an AI-powered software platform to shorten time to market, build next-generation consumer experiences, and drive the production of modern vehicles

Applied Navigation LLC – Quattro Flight management system is a new paradigm for UAS flight control developed differently from the ground up – Quattro node enables modular system expansion and improves flight reliability through redundancy and the elimination of hazards associated with typical pneumatic systems – Vigilant Spirit is developed by the Air Force Research Laboratory and refined by Applied Navigation and is flexible, intuitive, and excels at controlling multiple vehicles

Applied Physics Systems, Inc – founded in 1976 by Bill Goodman – has a forty-five year history of expertise in the design, development and manufacture of magnetometer and orientation sensors and systems

Archer Aviation – joined forces with one of the leading manufacturers of aerospace composites to create an optimal balance of weight and strength in Midnight – these advanced carbon fiber composites comprise Midnight’s full airframe, enabling their aircraft’s structural safety and aircraft performance

Arctech Charge – since 2015 have been working with two goals in mind – (1) dramatically reduce battery charge times for improved efficiency and (2) provide intelligent battery maintenance and management for better safety and decision making – patented battery charging, maintenance, and management system can be tailored to fit any battery – actively expanding this technology in the UAV (drone), UAM, and robotics markets

ArduSimple – make GNSS RTK technology simple, affordable and accessible to everyone with a series of starter kits, tutorials, engineering services and OEM products

Arena, a PTC business – comprehensive, cloud-based solutions – help design, produce, and deliver innovative products across dispersed teams, anytime and anywhere

Arete – founded in 1976 by five scientists, tasked by the Department of Defense to help solve the challenge of detecting weak signals in heavy ocean clutter – founders applied “first principles thinking,” an Aristotelian method of problem solving that assesses the fundamental truths about the science at hand, not operating on assumption and past history – modeled sea waves, white caps, and surf to discover how factors such as current, temperature, and weather affect the ocean – work from seafloor to space, creating the best sensing products and software available

Aria Group – hospitality – committed to proactively developing sustainable practices across all aspects of the company – to promote responsible green initiatives in all practices of Aria Group Architects, its vendors and associates with the ultimate goal of reducing impact on the environment

Arrive – leading provider of solutions for the last-mile of mobility – technology helps companies like Ticketmaster, Honda, and GasBuddy embed friction-free parking and other mobility-related services into their own products – Arrive platform also powers two award-winning consumer apps, ParkWhiz and BestParking – over 40M people to date have used the web, app, voice, and API-based solutions to find and book convenient, economical parking

ASA – Aviation Supplies & Academics, Inc. – provide trusted aviation products and supplies

Ascendance Flight Technologies – hybrid electric is the long-haul flight to cleaner connections

Ascent AeroSystems – designs and manufactures rugged “coaxial” drones for the industrial, public safety and defense markets – with a unique cylindrical configuration that’s far more portable and durable than conventional multirotors, their drones are ideal for mission-critical operations in the toughest environments

Asio Technologies – innovation for ground warfighter – focus on empowering ground forces and warfighters with personal digital gear for improved target acquisition, navigation and orientation, and common language in the battlefield

AskaASKA™ A5- a Real Flying Car – Aerodynamic 4-seater Drive and Fly eVTOL – designed for maximum safety standards and a 250-mile flight range

Association for the Advancement of Automotive Medicine (AAAM)

global professional organization dedicated to saving lives and eliminating injuries associated with road traffic crashes – multi-disciplinary organization that promotes its mission (the elimination of road traffic injuries worldwide) through scientific research, authoritative educational programs, public policy recommendations, and pre-eminent Abbreviated Injury Scale (AIS) coding, training, and certification

Association for Uncrewed Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI)

world’s largest nonprofit organization dedicated to the advancement of uncrewed systems and robotics – represents corporations and professionals from more than 60 countries involved in industry, government, and academia – AUVSI members work in the defense, civil and commercial markets

Astro Lab – explores advanced concepts and performs innovative and transformative research in science and engineering – trains high-quality researchers and engineers – develops new technologies – provides novel solutions to problems in astronautics, robotics, and society

Astronics Corporation – serves the world’s aerospace, defense, and other mission critical industries with proven, innovative technology solutions – works side-by-side with customers, integrating their array of power, connectivity, lighting, structures, interiors, and test technologies to solve complex challenges

ASX – Airspace Experience Technologies, Inc. – established in 2017, by Founder and CEO Jon Rimanelli – evolved out of Detroit Aircraft Corporation (DAC), which has built over 55 eVTOL aircraft for Defense, Emergency Response and in other sectors – SIGMA-6 is a large scale eVTOL aircraft, featuring a flexible payload system – versatile aircraft, low on emissions, and with the ability to perform a variety of missions that would appeal to the commercial and private sector, logistics companies, defense, and the emergency response services – ultimate vision is to democratize air mobility for the mass traveling public by leveraging a multimodal system of mobility which is operationally emission free – mission is to harmonize air and ground mobility through a POD Sharing concept of operation which will increase operational efficiency, safety and accessibility, together with creating all new-skilled labor jobs in the US, and beyond

ATA Aerospace – established in 2006 – focus in various areas of the aerospace industry – capabilities include comprehensive engineering, integration, logistics, and test services for satellite and high-altitude balloon programs

ATI – Advanced Technology International – help the government quickly acquire cutting-edge technologies

Attollo Engineering – develops innovative infrared systems for imaging and laser detection

AURA Technologies – collective of Senior Technologists, Scientists, and Business Experts – created initially to solve challenges for US Government interests – operate out of The Research Triangle in North Carolina – known throughout the industry as an innovator in research and a leader in the creation of ground-breaking solutions – proud partner to the US Military helping all Defense branches envision a new future through technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Advanced Manufacturing Environments, and Intelligent Microgrid Technologies – today the focus expands past work performed for the defense sector into other areas such as healthcare and consumer products

Aurelia Aerospace – founded to build heavy-lift payload drones that deliver reliability, versatility, sophistication, and performance

Aurora Flight Sciences – MIDAS – counter-drone technology – includes a low-collateral effects UAS interceptor drone, fixed wing and multi-rotor aerial targets, and hardware-in-the-loop simulation software

Austal USA – ship manufacturer headquartered in Mobile, Ala., with service centers in San Diego and Singapore and a technology center in Charlottesville, Va. – most modern steel panel line in the shipbuilding industry – manufactures both aluminum and steel ships

Autel Robotics – team of industry professionals with a genuine passion for technology and years of engineering experience – founded in 2014 – always striven for customer-driven innovation – continually working to raise the industry standard for drones

Auterion – accelerating global adoption of autonomous robotics – cutting-edge operating system for autonomous computing empowers a diverse range of autonomous robots to perform high-risk to mundane tasks, deliver goods, and aid in life-saving missions

AutoFlight – 5-seater Prosperity eVTOL aircraft completed a significant milestone by autonomously flying the 50km (31 miles) route from Shenzhen to Zhuhai – flight from Shenzhen to Zhuhai across the Pearl River Delta took just 20 minutes, a journey that would require three hours by car – achievement marks the world’s first public flight of an eVTOL aircraft on a cross-sea and inter-city route, spanning across the bay where the Pearl River meets the sea, connecting the two southern Chinese cities of Shenzhen and Zhuhai

Autonodyne LLCBoston-based software company – use AI and smart software to control one, several, or many unmanned vehicles for civil and defense applications – experts in Manned-Unmanned Teaming – specialize in Human-Machine Interfaces and Common Control Stations for air-sea-land and multi-vehicle/control operations – datalink, protocol, hardware, and vehicle agnostic

Av-DEC – from a garage in Fort Worth, Texas, two engineers set their sights on the skies – founded in 1997 – work closely with commercial airlines to develop solutions for their worst corrosion problems

Avidyne – market leader in the design and manufacture of integrated avionics systems

Avincis – provides Aerial Emergency Medical Services (EMS), Aerial Search and Rescue operations (SAR) and Aerial Firefighting missions (AFF) – at the forefront of UAV technology for emergency services – natural ESG organization with a strong commitment to sustainable aviation

AviTerra – leverage cutting-edge aerial systems technology to safeguard our natural world – developed a range of state-of-the-art robots and UAVs

AVT Australia – committed to the highest levels of excellence in the design, development, manufacture, and support of advanced multi-sensor imaging systems

AVX Aircraft – founded with a vision of bringing advanced vertical lift solutions to the civil market – design technology has shown broad application to the military marketplace – highly experienced engineers and professionals have created innovative designs, that use modern technology, to deliver visionary performance in the vertical lift environment – currently expanding its UAV designs for commercial and military applications – refined and matured its coaxial rotor design through competing in numerous U. S. Military aircraft development programs – horizontally integrated company that offers exciting opportunities for creative engineers wishing to work in unique environment where imagination is the only limit – AVX Aircraft Company is Advanced Vertical Lift X-Plane

Axon Cable Inc. – specializes in interconnect solutions including connectors, cables, cable assemblies metal-plastic parts, leadframes, packaging solutions, elastomer components and mini systems for the most challenging markets

BAE Systems – provide some of the world’s most advanced, technology-led defence, aerospace and security solutions -employ a skilled workforce of around 100,000 people in more than 40 countries – develop, engineer, manufacture, and support products and systems to deliver military capability, protect national security and people, and keep critical information and infrastructure secure

Baldwin Safety & Complianceglobal leader in safety and quality management – robust systems – team of experienced safety professionals – support operational, regulatory standards, and emergency response needs

Barfield Inc – offers a wide range of services including MRO Services, Ground Support Test Equipment (GSTE), Rotables and Trading, Distribution and Drones. Our MRO Services covers Boeing-Airbus-CRJ-ATR-EMB aircraft

Bell – first to break the sound barrier and to certify a commercial helicopter – part of NASA’s first lunar mission – brought advanced tiltrotor systems to market – today defining the future of on-demand mobility – headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas – as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Textron Inc. – strategic locations around the globe – talented employees come from more than 90 countries to serve customers spanning across six continents

Bellwether Industries – journey begins in 2013 with the founders’ passion for the interaction between transportation and cities – first concept, Gazelle, launched by the founders in 2015, spurred them on to found Bellwether Industries – January 2019, the company was officially registered in London – focuses on human-centric solutions for advanced air mobility –  volar solution is designed for anyone to fly from anywhere to any point at any time, breaking the limit to provide one-call-away transportation and to realize the true meaning of urban air mobility

Berten – provides wireless communication systems and crypto security products for critical platforms

Beta Technologies – design inspired by nature – ALIA is a simple platform that enables new modes of transportation – aircraft are designed using first principles of physics to fly in the safest, most efficient way possible – utilize BETA’s patented electric propulsion systems and produce zero operational emissions – both aircraft have an exceptionally aerodynamic form factor, a light weight structure, and carry advanced energy-dense batteries – aircraft has a 50 foot wingspan and will carry up to 5 people and a pilot

Beyond Aerotrailblazer in hydrogen aviation technology – team is a dynamic blend of aerospace engineers, sustainability experts, and hydrogen chemistry specialists, each bringing their unique skills and perspectives to the forefront of aviation innovation – united by a shared vision for a greener future – dedicated to pioneering aircraft designs that significantly reduce the carbon footprint

Blackberry – helps organizations defend against cyber threats – founded in 1984 as Research In Motion (RIM) – now a leader in cybersecurity—helping businesses, government agencies, and safety-critical institutions of all sizes secure the Internet of Things (IoT) – BlackBerry® products and services include the Cylance® AI-based endpoint security solutions, BlackBerry® UEM unified endpoint management platform, the BlackBerry® AtHoc® critical event management solution, and BlackBerry® QNX® software for secure embedded systems

Blade – technology-powered, global UAM platform committed to reducing travel friction by enabling cost-effective air transportation alternatives to some of the most congested ground routes in the U.S. and abroad – can book by-the-seat on scheduled flights between Manhattan and JFK or Newark airports, between Vancouver and Victoria in Canada and between Nice and Monaco in Europe – can charter or crowdsource a flight anywhere in the world

Blighter Surveillance Systems – ‘Blighter’ – British company based near Cambridge in the East of England – design, manufacture and support a range of unique, patented, solid state ground-based radar systems – radars can detect distant moving objects, day and night, in all weather conditions

Blitz Technology – established in 2021 by a motivated and dynamic team who embarked on extensive planning to realize their vision – team comprises a group of young, passionate, and energetic individuals who have made significant contributions to groundbreaking projects in leading corporations within the country – conducted comprehensive research across various fields, including embedded systems, electronics, image processing, and artificial intelligence – experience spans a wide range of areas, including fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft design, composite manufacturing, electronic card design, image processing, network connectivity, and user interface

Blue Marble Geographics – leader in GIS software development – provides professional-grade tools to users at every level – founded in 1993 – expertise spans the geospatial technology sector, focusing on coordinate conversion and management, lidar and photogrammetric point cloud processing, and user-driven product development – products include Geographic Calculator®, the industry standard for precise spatial data conversion and advanced coordinate system management; Global Mapper®, an all-in-one GIS application with a comprehensive array of data processing and analysis tools; and Global Mapper Pro®, a suite of advanced tools for optimizing workflow efficiency, and processing lidar and photogrammetric point clouds from drone-captured images – desktop tools are also available as software developer toolkits and libraries

Bluflight – drone services company specializing in using the best technology and software available to provide advanced and detailed survey grade mapping and project over site

Blueflite – founded in 2018 – offers a drone-based logistics platform for faster and more cost-effective deliveries – patented, unique, and all-electrical drone design has vertical take-off and landing capabilities, advanced maneuverability, and is built without compromise – to meet the rigorous demands of commercial operations

BlueHalomission to create and rapidly deploy purpose-built solutions to those who defend us at home and abroad where and when they need it – protective ring around everything we care about most in the face of peer conflict

Bluenest – world leader in managing transport infrastructure concessions and mobility services, Globalvia improves people’s lives by connecting them through highways, railways, high-speed rails, and buses that serve more than 250 million users each year – firm commitment to sustainability and innovation, through Openvia, its technological
platform, Globalvia created Bluenest in 2021 as an initiative dedicated to developing urban and advanced air mobility and manage the vertiports infrastructure

Blueshift – global team of creatives, data scientists, product engineers, and business leaders who work together to create AI-driven solutions that power customer engagement for modern consumer marketers – 2024 – Lilium selects Blueshift for eVTOL thermal protection

Bluvec Technologies – pioneering developer of the Deep Signal Inspection and the Rapid Target Inspection technologies – high-tech security and defense company – provides drone detection solutions designed for different industries to create a secure world

Booz Allen Hamiltontransform missions with tomorrow’s technologies to advance the country’s most critical civil, defense, and national security priorities – diverse talent of almost 34,000 professionals driven by a single purpose: Empower people to change the world® – trusted as the largest provider of AI to the federal government – combine leading AI, cybersecurity, and engineering with emerging tech to deliver results

BRINC – founded in response to the tragic 2017 Las Vegas Shooting – committed to deploying drones and other technologies that benefit the community and help save lives

Bye Aerospace – stands at the forefront of electric Aviation innovation – eFlyer series of fixed-wing aircraft is meticulously designed to disrupt general aviation, starting with the crucial aviation training sector – FAA-certified, zero-emission, highly cost-effective, low-drag, low-noise, intelligent, and safety-enhanced aircraft

Bynav Technology – specializes in developing high-precision positioning technology, including positioning modules, GNSS signal processing algorithms, RTK algorithms, combined navigation algorithms and visual fusion algorithms – range of products, including high-precision positioning modules and box, GNSS receivers and combined navigation systems, which are used in a variety of fields such as automotive, surveying and mapping, GIS data acquisition, driver training, IoT and transportation

Canadian Advanced Air Mobility Consortium (CAAM) – socially responsible – federal not-for-profit consortium – acts as the national catalyst for the AAM industry in Canada

CACI International Inc. – $6.7 billion company – technology and expertise play a vital role in national security and government modernization

CAL Analytics LLC – leader in the development of automated and autonomous systems, including: Detect and Avoid, Unmanned Traffic Management, Advanced Air Mobility, and Contingency Management

Calian – supports national defense with advanced military training, tactical equipment and support services

Carahsoft Technology Corporation – partners with thousands of vendors, resellers, system integrators and MSPs to proactively market, sell and deploy a comprehensive range of IT solutions for public sector customers across the U.S. and Canada

C-Astral Ltd – global market leader with an established reputation in the specialized, fixed-wing small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) manufacturing and services field

Cayuse Native Solutions provides innovative and flexible technology solutions to Native Nations, tribal entities, Native-owned businesses, and organizations that serve Indigenous communities, including Native Hawaiian groups – part of the Cayuse Holdings family of companies, which is wholly owned by the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation (CTUIR), a federally recognized Indian tribe headquartered near Pendleton, Oregon – serves Federal, State, Tribal, Local, and Commercial clients

Censys Technologies – Sentaero 5 – Autonomously collect more data with BVLOS – CensWise AI/ML modeling Platform – Remote sensing and data process automation on the edge

Centum research & technology – part of CENTUM Group – founded in 2010 – vision is to fly with a purpose – mission is to develop and market aeronautical mission systems in the fields of Emergency, Security, Defense and Aerospace – products are based on cutting-edge technology developed by a highly qualified team of engineers – design solutions that allow aeronautical platforms to not just fly, but to fly with a purpose

Charles River Analytics, Inc. – multi-disciplinary expertise across AI, machine learning, autonomous systems, human-system interfaces, agile software and hardware engineering – founded in 1983 to perform results-focused research for the US government – became an employee-owned company in 2012 – 150 employees conducting ground-breaking research at the forefront of AI, robotics, and human-centered computing

Chess Dynamics – surveillance and fire control specialist providing bespoke solutions for Land and Maritime domains – deliver proven surveillance and fire control solutions for the most demanding environments

Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma – third-largest Indian nation in the United States – over 225,000 tribal members and 12,000-plus associates – first tribe over the Trail of Tears, historic boundaries are in the southeast corner of Oklahoma – vision, “Living out the Chahta Spirit of faith, family and culture,” is evident as it continues to focus on providing opportunities for growth and prosperity

Circle Optics360-degree imaging is part of everyday life – technology is being designed to accelerate the delivery of life saving resources, ensure aerospace safety, enhance surveillance capabilities for protection, and transform immersive experiences

Cleo Robotics – Boston-based company – specializes in unconventional robotic systems equipped with cutting-edge sensing to collect critical data in GPS-denied, dangerous and difficult to reach areas – goal is to eliminate manned entry into dangerous, hazardous and difficult to reach environments

Climeworks – founded in 2009 by Jan and Christoph – capture CO₂ from the air under lab conditions at the Professorship of Renewable Energy Carriers (Prof. Steinfeld) of ETH Zurich – direct air capture (DAC) technology is one of the key technological solutions to fight climate change – captures CO₂ directly from the air, reducing the atmospheric concentration of CO₂ by only using renewable energy, energy-from-waste, or other waste heat as energy sources

CNA Corporation – independent, nonprofit research and analysis organization dedicated to the safety and security of the nation – for 80 years, scientific rigor and real-world approach to data has been indispensable to leaders facing complex problems – employs operations research to address military questions in the Center for Naval Analyses and domestic challenges in the Institute for Public Research

Cobra Aero, LLC – family of companies designs, develops, and manufactures roughly 2000 propulsion systems per year for several specialty markets including racing, fire fighting, aerospace, surface, and underwater vehicles – Cobra MOTO – Cobra AERO – utilizing the resources and innovative thinking of its Cobra MOTO team, Cobra AERO was established in 2014 for the purpose of creating a safer, more connected world through the precise application of advanced propulsion technology – initially focused on building engines for small unmanned aircraft

Cobra International – privately held group of companies – Thailand based composites manufacturer with its core business in the Watersports market – recognized as a world leader in the manufacture of high quality composites products, renowned for premium Windsurf, SUP, Kite and Surf boards – expanded its portfolio into a wide range of products and accessories for other recreational sports markets as well as into the automotive, architectural, transport, marine and luxury accessories sectors – focus is on providing a one-stop shop for serial production of strong, light and beautiful composites products

Collins Aerospace – from aircraft nose to tail and from the battle space to deep space – constantly collaborating with customers and partners across Raytheon Technologies – pioneering new technologies to transform promising ideas into breakthrough solutions – for today and the next generation, on aircraft and beyond

Colorado Drone Chargers – drone charging systems that charge multiple batteries and a flight controller at the same time

Commercial UAV Expo – presented by Commercial UAV News – leading international trade show and conference focusing on the integration and operation of commercial UAS in select vertical markets

Community Air Mobility Initiative (CAMI) – successful implementation of AAM will hinge on air mobility being responsibly embraced by local communities, cities, states, and the general public – CAMI is link to the local level, providing education and resources to the public, decision makers, and the media

ComNav Technology Ltd – GNSS positioning solutions help simplify the workflow of high precision geospatial data collection, providing reliable high precision positioning for specific demanding in surveying, agriculture, engineering and unmanned systems

Compunetix – leading developer of converged VoIP, voice, video, and data collaboration and conferencing applications for service providers, government, and corporate enterprise markets – Summit Olympus™ and EVERGREEN™ platforms seamlessly bridge networks and users, enabling powerful collaboration – also boasts feature-rich software applications that work with flexible and open APIs for unlimited collaboration possibilities that increase productivity and your bottom line – new HD audio voice takes collaboration to a whole new level

Computech International (CTI) – founded in 1995 – privately held, woman-owned small business – established itself as an industry-leading designer and manufacturer of combat-proven computing, Ground Control Systems (GCS), and Ruggedized Vehicle Docking Stations (RVDS) for vehicles and unmanned systems

ConGlobal – offer a full suite of transportation and technology services to satisfy specific needs, streamline even the most complex operations, and offer solutions to satisfy any request in between – multi-modal expertise – operations across the U.S., Mexico, and Costa Rica – largest depot terminal network in North America – industrial operations insights – specialized technology – bring these assets together to unlock value, increase operational efficiency, and drive down costs

Connect Airlines – brand for Waltzing Matilda Aviation LLC’s (WMA) proposed scheduled 121 operation (flag, domestic scheduled, domestic unscheduled) – WMA brings together a group of aviation professionals with a passion to make aviation – commercial or corporate – the best experience possible – FAA licensed Part 135 private jet charter operator based out of Bedford, MA

Connect Tech Inc. – hardware design and manufacturing company that specializes in rugged, small form factor solutions – nimble engineering team ready to engage in Custom Design when “off-the-shelf” is not an option

CONNEX Marketplace – US Supply Chain Solution – database of 140,000+ U.S. manufacturers and suppliers – in-depth search based on production capabilities, processes, certifications, materials, industry sectors, NAICS/SIC codes, capability statements and more – 5 Step process for data accuracy and verification using U.S. Government blacklists from the Department of State, Department of Commerce, and Department of Treasury – Buyers and sellers connect directly through platform (no middle-man or anonymous brokerage listings)

Core Systems – since 2007 – leading manufacturer of Rugged Military Grade computers and displays – headquarters in San Diego – equipped with top-tier engineering and fabrication teams – serves as a premier vertically integrated manufacturing facility for rugged computing products in the nation

CR Flight – develops and manufactures electric propeller propulsion systems based on its unique patented counter-rotational eVector™ technology – these products deliver significant improvement in thrust and operating range with highest reliability – first application of this technology is in aviation

Crisalion Mobility (formerly UMILES Next) – designing an eVTOL with vertical take-off and landing for passenger and cargo transport in urban and interurban missions – developed with the exclusive and revolutionary FlyFree technology: a unique and patented stability system that controls the aircraft’s movements in all directions guaranteeing greater efficiency, stability, reliability and maneuverability – system is composed of sophisticated rotor control software allowing maximum control of each of the propulsion units

Crouzet – independent company manufacturing electromechanic and electronic components for demanding applications in Aerospace & Transportation, Energy, Building and Machinery Industry – provides Switches and Sensors, Electromechanical Actuators, Electrical Protection Equipments, Cockpit Controls, Automation Controllers and Relays, and Instrumentation Services

Crown Castle – work closely with community members, government officials and customers to design and build solutions that meet unique connectivity needs—from wireless coverage to smart city solutions to custom fiber optic networks

Crystal Group Inc – leading designer, manufacturer and integrator of rugged servers, displays, storage devices, networking, and embedded devices designed for use in mission critical communications, military and industrial environments

C-UAS Solutions Marketplace – collaborative partnership between One Nation Innovation and the Army Counter Unmanned Aircraft Systems (C-UAS) Integrated Fires Rapid Capabilities (IFRCO), which leverages the Applied Research Institute’s (ARI) Solutions Marketplace model

CubePilot Pty. Ltd – provides Hardware and Embedded Software Ecosystem for ever evolving Civilian Unmanned Systems Industry – CubePilot Team understands the diversity of problems that can be solved using Unmanned Systems –  with Open Source and Community as the soul, Reliability and Validity as the character, CubePilot has been continually bringing premium hardware to the market – CubePilot Ecosystem currently consists of Cube Autopilot range serving as the core with variety of Accessories and Carrier Boards developed with massive support from the Community and Industry

Customcells – operate at the nexus of innovation and high-performance volume manufacturing – combined strengths in material R&D, cell design innovation, and process and manufacturing technology – bring highly differentiated innovations to market and deliver customer-centric premium battery technology at scale

Custom Power – premier, custom battery pack and battery management circuitry designer and manufacturer – specialize in complex medical, aerospace, defense, and industrial applications

Cybercity – headquartered in the heart of New York City – dedicated to serving businesses in the greater Metropolitan area – C-level consulting that plans for the future and drives competitive advantage – comprehensive solutions to monitor and manage business IT systems – business continuity – disaster recovery – cloud services administration

Cyberhawk – founded in 2008 – first company in the world to use unmanned vehicles to inspect industrial assets – world-class pilots and inspection engineers have completed over 200,000 UAV inspection missions, with 300+ customers, in over 40 countries

CycloTech – re-invent flying with 360° thrust vectoring CycloRotors – develop a new, sustainable, highly maneuverable and environmentally accepted propulsion solution for the 21st century – enabling simple and comfortable VTOL operations to be part of everyday life

Dayton Development Coalition – Dayton Region and Ohio offer a number of incentives to provide the financial support businesses need to meet their strategic goals and create jobs – DDC can help you evaluate, identify, and apply for opportunities that fit your company’s vision – State of Ohio, JobsOhio, and many local governments offer economic incentives to provide targeted financial support to projects that align with the region’s vision for growth

Dayton-Granger, Inc – specializes in engineering and manufacturing superior aeronautic products

Decavo LLC – founded in 2009 – acquired by Heico Corporation in 2020 – ISO 9001 and AS9100 certified composite manufacturing company – team has over 150 years of combined experience in engineering, design and manufacturing, with backgrounds that range from aerospace and general aviation to consumer products and sports equipment – experts in carbon composite fabrication

Dedrone – protect organizations from malicious drones

Deep Trekker Inc. – engage in continuous research, innovation, and collaboration to provide the market with customer-driven robotic inspection solutions – leading technology platform making complex underwater missions easy

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) – makes pivotal investments in breakthrough technologies for national security – comprises approximately 220 government employees in 6 technical offices, including nearly 100 program managers – oversee about 250 research and development programs

DejaVuAI – groundbreaking AI image recognition technology – pioneering the next generation of image-matching solutions for any and every market

Deloitte Consulting LLP – purpose is to make an impact that matters – focus on accelerating equity, sustainability and shared prosperity

DeltaQuad – specialize in the development, design and production of electric long range UAVs for mapping, inspection and surveillance – all UAV models are designed and manufactured in the Netherlands

Department of Commerce (DOC)

originally created as the US Department of Commerce and Labor on February 14, 1903 – subsequently renamed the Department of Commerce on March 4, 1913, as the bureaus and agencies specializing in labor were transferred to the new Department of Labor – as the Federal government grew and evolved, other bureaus were transferred to and from the Commerce Department, giving it a rich history and unique role in the Cabinet

Department of Defense (DOD)

America’s largest government agency – with the military tracing its roots back to pre-Revolutionary times, the department has grown and evolved with our nation – mission is to provide the military forces needed to deter war and ensure our nation’s security – Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, Space Force and Coast Guard are the armed forces of the United States – Army National Guard and the Air National Guard are reserve components of their services and operate in part under state authority – documents, DoD Purpose and Operational Use and  Department Guidance on Procurement and Operation of DoD Unmanned Aircraft Systems, provide a great place to gather more information!

Department of Homeland Security (DHS)

established in 2002 – combine 22 different federal departments and agencies into a unified, integrated Cabinet agency, its mission is to secure the nation from the many threats we face – requires the dedication of more than 240,000 employees in jobs that range from aviation and border security to emergency response, from cybersecurity analyst to chemical facility inspector – duties are wide-ranging, and goal is clear – keep America safe – highly involved in Counter UAS, or C-UAS

Department of Justice (DOJ)

Office of the Attorney General was created by the Judiciary Act of 1789 as a one-person part-time position – Act specified that the Attorney General was to be “learned in the law,” with the duty “to prosecute and conduct all suits in the Supreme Court in which the US shall be concerned, and to give his advice and opinion upon questions of law when required by the President of the US, or when requested by the heads of any of the departments, touching any matters that may concern their departments.” – however, workload quickly became too much for one person, necessitating the hiring of several assistants for the Attorney General – as the work steadily increased along with the size of the new nation, private attorneys were retained to work on cases – by 1870, after the end of the Civil War, the increase in the amount of litigation involving the US had required the very expensive retention of many private attorneys to handle the workload – concerned Congress passed the Act to Establish the Department of Justice, creating “an executive department of the government of the US” with the Attorney General as its head – officially coming into existence on July 1, 1870, the DOJ was empowered to handle all criminal prosecutions and civil suits in which the US had an interest – to assist the Attorney General, the 1870 Act also created the Office of the Solicitor General, who represents the interests of the US before the US Supreme Court – 1870 Act remains the foundation for the DOJ’s authority, but the structure of the DOJ has changed over the years, with the addition of the offices of Deputy Attorney General, Associate Attorney General, and the formation of various components, offices, boards, and divisions – from its beginning as a one-man, part-time position, the DOJ has evolved into the world’s largest law office and the chief enforcer of federal laws – Thomas Jefferson wrote, “The most sacred of the duties of government [is] to do equal and impartial justice to all its citizens.”  – this sacred duty remains the guiding principle for the women and men of the US DOJ

Department of Transportation (DOT)

established by an act of Congress on October 15, 1966 – first official day of operation was April 1, 1967 – operating Administrations include: FAA, FHWA, FMCSA, FRA, FTA, GLS, MARAD, NHTSA, OIG, OST, PHMSA

DeTect Incspecializes in advanced 2D and True3D™ radar and other sensor technologies – leader in bird radar technologies for real-time aircraft bird strike avoidance, wind energy bird mortality risk assessment and mitigation, and industrial bird control – over 300 of its MERLIN bird radars delivered to the US, Canada, Europe, Africa and Asia since 2003 – unique radar signal processing technology in MERLIN, developed specifically for reliable detection and tracking of small, non-cooperative, low radar-cross section, non-linearly moving targets, is also used in DeTect’s HARRIER Security and Surveillance Radar and DroneWatcher Drone Detection Radars making it one of the most sensitive, affordable radar systems on the market today for airspace and marine security applications including drone and UAV detection and defense, and UAS Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) operations

Dewesoft – develop customer-focused test and measurement solutions

D-Fend Solutions – global provider of cyber-takeover, counter-drone solutions for sensitive and challenging environments – focus on the acute threat, the most dangerous drones – technology enables organizations around the world to maintain full control, safety, and continuity during rogue drone incidents across complex and sensitive environments and be prepared for future threats – EnforceAir automatically executes radio frequency (RF) cyber-takeovers of rogue drones for safe landings and safe outcomes

Diab – leading edge of foam core materials and sandwich technology development with successful projects all over the world

DJI – headquartered in Shenzhen, widely considered China’s Silicon Valley – benefits from direct access to the suppliers, raw materials, and young, creative talent pool necessary for sustained success – have grown from a single small office in 2006 to a global workforce – offices can now be found in the United States, Germany, the Netherlands, Japan, South Korea, Beijing, Shanghai, and Hong Kong – privately owned and operated company – focuses on supporting creative, commercial, and nonprofit applications of their technology – redefining industries – professionals in filmmaking, agriculture, conservation, search and rescue, energy infrastructure, and more trust DJI to bring new perspectives to their work and help them accomplish feats safer, faster, and with greater efficiency than ever before

Dominion energy – provide the reliable, affordable, and increasingly clean energy that powers customers every day

Domo Tactical Communications (DTC) – at the forefront of innovation for over 50 years – developing leading edge communication technologies for successful operations in demanding environments, where COFDM technologies provide longer range and penetration – global leader of wireless communication – works with military, law enforcement, counter-terror units, governments, robotics and autonomous operations and system integrators on key surveillance and communication challenges – mission critical solutions secure, share and communicate real-time video, voice and data to enable Shared Situational Awareness (SSA) on land, on sea, in the water and in the air – cutting-edge Mobile Adhoc Network (MANET) Mesh radio solutions deliver ultra-low latency, end-to-end encryption and are used globally on-board USV, UAV and UGV platforms to support mobile, long range semi-autonomous and autonomous operations – innovative waveform combines Coded Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (COFDM), Multiple Input Multiple Output (MiMo) and Mobile Ad Hoc Networking (MANET) to deliver video, data and voice communications with superior performance

Doodle Labs – designs and produces industrial-grade wireless networking solutions – focus on mesh networking for robotic systems, providing high throughput, long-range Mesh Rider® Radio solutions for UAVs, UGVs, AMRs, mobile robotics, connected teams, government/defense and other applications – experts and innovators in radio communications technology and our goal as a company is to connect everything that moves – founded in 2008 – offices in the United States and Singapore

Doroni – makers of the flying car H1-X

DPSS Lasers Inc – leading manufacturer of high power, 355 nm UltraViolet (UV), solid state lasers

Draganfly Innovations Inc – leader in the professional drone industry – support clients with enterprise drone solutions, contract engineering services, custom software, professional UAV services, and more

Draxxon – global manufacturer of high quality specialty vehicle solutions, integrating cutting edge technology into vans, SUVS, trailers, and ruggedized Pelican case configurations

DroneCatcher – multicopter armed with a net gun – can safely remove illicit drones from the air – after detection, by for example radar, vision, rf detector or an acoustic system, DroneCatcher is able to quickly approach hovering or moving threats- with the use of multiple onboard sensors, the net gun can be locked on the target – drone will be swiftly caught by shooting a net – after the catch, DroneCatcher can carry the captured drone on a cable to a harmless place and release it there – if the caught drone is too heavy to be carried, the DroneCatcher can be used as a ‘controlled parachute’ to ensure low impact on the ground

Drone Delivery Canada (DDC) – founded in 2014 – publicly traded, award-winning, pioneering, technology company focused on designing, developing and implementing commercially viable, drone-based logistics systems – patented, fully integrated hardware/software platform is used in a managed service business model – fully commercialized, operational, and early-stage revenue-generating – provides a disruptive, advanced drone logistics infrastructure solution to support governments, commercial & industrial applications (emergency services, medical, last-mile delivery, mining, oil & gas, agriculture, parcel delivery, postal mail, military/security) and remote communities (Indigenous and non-Indigenous)

Drone Delivery Group – not-for-profit organization – authoritative voice and influence for the drone industry, principally by providing guidance and advice to the UK Government on key topics affecting the drone industry

DroneDeploy – transforming the way businesses collect, manage and interpret reality capture data from drones, 360 cameras and mobile ground robots

Drone Industry Insights – leading global source for data on commercial drones

Drone Nerds – team of drone experts dedicated to developing and supporting comprehensive UAV solutions and fleets for organizations across a multitude of industry verticals – established in 2014

DronePort Network – emerging aerospace infrastructure development company focused on turn key solutions that will allow communities to support the rapid scalability of drone technology – can provide a full infrastructure technology stack needed to safely integrate drone technology into the community’s everyday life – can help clients develop a plan that will meet strict FAA requirements, gather industry partners to enhance a droneport project and bring in the appropriate technology partners that can provide a reliable and efficient system

Droneradar – complete system supporting the management of an organization performing unmanned flights in the special category

DroneSec – original Drone Threat Intelligence service for staying aware of the threat and evolving actors, tactics, techniques and procedures

DroneShield – offers versatile solutions, from comprehensive C-UAS (Counter-UAS) to maximizing the performance of currently deployed third-party sensors – provide mission essential capabilities with Artificial Intelligence-based sensor fusion and signal processing – sensors, effectors, and AI/ML (Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning) can be integrated into their own Command-and-Control solution or fully interoperable with third-party platforms for both Government and commercial systems – AI-enabled C-UAS RfPatrol, RfOne, and DroneSentry-X products also have the capability to provide a SAPIENT compliant output

DroneUp – make drone services good for everyone – mission is to be the most open and flexible flight services partner in the industry – an integrated platform that makes drones the most simple, efficient way for businesses to reach their communities

Drone Voltfrench leader in professional UAVs – international leader in the field of professional civilian drones and embedded artificial intelligence – 3 brands, DRONE VOLT, AERIALTRONICS and DANDRONEalways developing more innovative solutions for the energy, construction, civil engineering and security industries for applications such as inspection, surveillance, surface treatment, thermography, search and rescue missions

Dufour Aerospace – over 30 years of experience in Swiss commercial helicopter operations – understand the real world requirements of VTOL aircraft – engineering team with years of aircraft construction experience is building aircrafts for rugged operations in harsh environments – patented combination of proven aerodynamic concepts with the latest technology makes aircraft rock solid with unparalleled performance

EAGLE Technologies – build the machines that automate assembly line manufacturing, from high-tech robotics to advanced product testing capabilities, offering end-to-end manufacturing solutions for every industry

EANAN – UAE technology company leading the next evolutionary step in transportation through AAM

Earth Networks – provides a unique wind forecast for 10 to 400 feet for drones

EasyJet – Europe’s leading short-haul airline – revolutionizing European air travel by allowing passengers to book cheap flights across Europe’s top flight routes, connecting more than 30 countries and over 100 cities

Eaton – power management company – doing business in more than 175 countries – energy-efficient products and services help their customers effectively manage electrical, hydraulic and mechanical power more reliably, efficiently, safely and sustainably

Echodyne – radars deliver advanced ESA radar performance in the market’s only commercially exportable, low SWaP, solid-state format – radar solutions are trusted by Defense, Government, and Commercial customers as the foundation for better situational awareness and safer outcomes

EchoMAV LLC – founded in 2022 – diverse team of engineers, pilots, technologists and proven business leaders – team brings decades of UxV experience combined with former leadership in the US military and law enforcement, proven product development and the ability to scale to the need – provide world class UAVs and resources for reliable, timely information empowering decisive action – offices in Lubbock, Texas, Colorado Springs, Colorado and Knoxville, Tennessee

Edge – launched in November 2019 – UAE’s EDGE is one of the world’s leading advanced technology groups – established to develop agile, bold and disruptive solutions for defense and beyond, and to be a catalyst for change and transformation

Edge Autonomy – recognized leader across uncrewed aircraft systems, power solutions, and intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance solutions through leading-edge technologies, enabling mission success for customers on land, in the air, and at sea

EHang – passenger-carrying electric unmanned aerial vehicles (“UAV”) adhere to three major design concepts of full backup safety design, unmanned operation, and centralized management enabled by the intelligent command and control center – safe, eco-friendly, and intelligent passenger-carrying electric vertical takeoff and landing UAV can provide short-to-medium distance low-altitude mobility solutions for the future of smart transportation

Elbit Systems – international high technology company engaged in a wide range of programs throughout the world, primarily in the defense and homeland security arenas – develop and supply a broad portfolio of airborne, land and naval systems and products for defense, homeland security and commercial applications

Electra Aero – founded by Dr. John Langford – goal to build aircraft that decarbonize aviation and make high-speed air transport accessible for every community

Electron Aerospace – electron 5 – 100% battery electric regional air mobility

Electron Retracts – part of the larger company, Jetsxoel SL – specialize in lathe and CNC machines – produce from the smallest fuel clunk up to large turbine parts thanks to our top of the line 5 axis machines – project started in 2007 – based on the idea of removing compressed air from models, simplifying complex aircraft while gaining an increase in reliability by minimizing the current risk of obstructions, failures or play

Elevated Materials – company was started with a singular mission, to eliminate the carbon fiber waste coming out of the commercial aerospace and space flight industries – founder, Ryan Olliges, identified this issue while studying Aerospace Engineering at the University of Southern California (USC) – he decided to do something about it and launched 121C Inc. – goal of 121C was to show that this waste material could  be “upcycled” into strong and durable products – resulted in the creation of 121C Boards, a line of 100% carbon fiber skate decks – 3 successful Kickstarter campaigns and over 2000 boards sold

Elistair – help those who serve and protect make faster and better decisions in critical situations, with cutting edge tethered drone technology – teams are committed to understanding the daily life, missions, and problems of security forces and soldiers to provide them with reliable and powerful solutions adapted to their needs

Elma Electronic – global leader in embedded computing solutions including integrated chassis systems, board products, modular enclosures, equipment cabinets and precision hardware components in standard and custom configurations – customers and partners worldwide – sales, design and manufacturing facilities across three continents – reliability and long-term support – history of deep technical expertise and precision engineering

Elroy Air – brings express shipping to every person on the planet with automated aerial cargo

Embention – pioneers in autopilots and critical avionics systems for autonomous vehicles since 2007

Embraer – Brazilian company – one of the largest commercial aircraft companies in the world

Enersens – developed innovative processes to produce silica aerogel granules, powders and blankets in a cost-effective way – offer the highest thermal insulation, great fire resistance, light weight and sustainable

Ensinger Inc – develops and produces extruded, cast, and compression molded stock shapes and finished components from plastic and composite polymers for a wide variety of industries – developments meet or exceed the very high demands of industries served, which include medical and healthcare technology, food processing, energy, aerospace and defense, and automotive to name a few

EOS – Electro Optic Systems – designed, manufactured and exported advanced technology systems for nearly 40 years – product range covers remote weapon systems, turrets, high energy laser weapons, counter-drone systems, space intelligence and space control products and services, and satellite communication terminals

EP Systems – formulate solutions for a variety of markets including aerospace, defense, automotive, marine, and industrial traction – focus includes the design, modeling, testing, and manufacturing of mechanical, electrical, thermal, controls and protection systems required for critical applications – core strategy is to forge a supply chain ecosystem that includes creating a second life to batteries that are no longer suitable for flight – committed to recycling with providers that employ eco-friendly technology to repurpose those scarce metals

ESAero – founded in 2003 – serves the needs of the engineering industry through its work on entrepreneurial concept development, aircraft modifications, military and commercial conceptual air vehicle designs, sub-scale technology demonstrators, hybrid propulsion system research and development, and niche engineering support

ESG GUARDION – manufacturer-independent system integrator and technology and innovation partner for defense and public security – solutions and services for secure digitalization and networking in all dimensions

ESi (Engineering Systems, Inc.) – engineering and scientific investigation and analysis firm committed to providing clear answers to the most challenging technical problems

Esri – global market leader in geographic information system (GIS) software, location intelligence, and mapping – since 1969 – geographic science and geospatial analytics, The Science of Where – take a geographic approach to problem-solving, brought to life by modern, enterprise-grade GIS technology – committed to using science and technology to build a sustainable world

Etamin Innovations – green chemistry – CleanTech Combustion Solutions – private bespoke manufacturer of speciality UAS Platform Systems & High-Performance Engines

European Medical Drone – headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden – comprising drone enthusiasts and aviation experts –  set the standard for drone-operated medical transport

European Organization for Civil Aviation Equipment (EUROCAE)

European leader in the development of worldwide recognized industry standards for aviation – take an active role in coordinating European and global standardization activities and develop high-quality standards that: (1) Build upon the state of the art expertise of its members; (2) Are fit for purpose to be adopted internationally; (3) Support the operational, development and regulatory processes; and (4) Address emerging global aviation challenges. Founded in 1963 – international non-profit organization that brings together experts from across the aviation industry to develop and promote consensus-based high-quality standards for civil aviation systems and equipment – standards support international harmonization and global interoperability and significantly contribute to the safety, efficiency and environmental sustainability of the global aviation system – over the past 60 years, witnessed the development of many industry-leading technologies and accompanied the innovation lifecycle through the timely development of relevant standards – efforts have helped to ensure that the aviation industry is well-equipped to meet the challenges of the 21st century and beyond – currently has more than 450 members from all over the world, close to 50 active Working Groups, and more than 4.500 experts

European Union (EU)

In 1951, 6 countries (Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands) founded the European Coal and Steel Community – In 1958, this became known as the European Economic Community (EEC), and its name was changed to the European Union in 1993 – Over the years, 22 more countries joined the original 6 – On 1 February 2020, the United Kingdom left the EU – currently has 27 member countries and 24 official languages

European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA)

centerpiece of the EU’s strategy for aviation safety – mission is to promote the highest common standards of safety and environmental protection in civil aviation – develops common safety and environmental rules at the European level – monitors the implementation of standards through inspections in the Member States and provides the necessary technical expertise, training, and research – works hand in hand with the national authorities which continue to carry out many operational tasks, such as certification of individual aircraft or licensing of pilots

Eve Air Mobility – began in 2017 as a project within Embraer-X, a unique market accelerator inside Embraer, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of aircraft – created to find disruptive opportunities for exponential growth opportunities, the idea of urban air mobility was conceived with the goal of delivering a seamless end-to-end experience to improve the mobility of people in cities around the world

Event 38 Unmanned Systems, Inc – designs and manufactures fixed-wing VTOL drones in Richfield, Ohio – since 2011, they sold over 600 drones to businesses, governments and NGOs all around the globe – drones capture geo-tagged data for a range of industries and applications. Event 38 drones are sold off the shelf ready for: Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance; High-resolution aerial photogrammetry; Thermal and multispectral imagery; and LiDAR

eVertiSKY– pioneer in orchestrating interoperability among airspace structures, smooth corridors and ground space assets, as well as identifying strategic vertiport siting

EVFLY – launched in early 2022 – dedicated to AAM operations – envisions a future where air transport and AAM revolutionize global navigation – prioritize sustainable solutions for environmental challenges – emphasizing the importance of cost control to make AAM and transport operations accessible to a broader audience

Eviation – build beautiful electric airplanes using advanced technology and impeccable design – imagined and built by a committed and expert workforce

eVolare – partnered with Lilium to help bring sustainable aviation to the UK, giving their clients access to the Lilium Pioneer Edition Jets – Lilium is producing the world’s first all-eVTOL jet which is set to change the way people travel – Lilium Pioneer Edition Jet offers sustainable, low-noise, high-speed transport with zero operating emissions

Evolitospun out in 2021 by YASA, (the world-leading pioneer of automotive axial-flux electric motors acquired by Mercedes-Benz in July 2021) – to exclusively commercialize next-generation electric motor technology for the rapidly-growing aerospace market – funded by a portfolio of private investors including B-FLEXION and Oxford Science Enterprises (OSE)

Evologics – reliable underwater communication and innovative bionic solutions since 2000

Exertis Almo – nation’s most advanced commercial audio visual distributor serving the needs of professional integrators, resellers and consultants – highly-skilled sales team, extensive education programs, 9 automated distribution centers across the US and more than 50 brands for the Pro A/V channel






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