Appendix F-L – Entities (VIDEO)

Last updated on June 19, 2024

Non-exhaustive list of companies involved in the UAS / UAM / AAM space.

Useful tool for job hunting or making connections with industry.


Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)

Air Commerce Act of 1926 established federal control over civil aviation – Act instructed the Secretary of Commerce to foster air commerce, designate and establish airways, establish, operate, and maintain aids to air navigation (but not airports), arrange for research and development to improve such aids, license pilots, issue airworthiness certificates for aircraft and major aircraft components, and investigate accidents – Civil Aeronautics Act of 1938 transferred federal responsibilities for non-military aviation from Bureau of Air Commerce to Civil Aeronautics Authority which included Civil Aeronautics Board and Civil Aeronautics Administration – Federal Aviation Act of 1958 created the independent Federal Aviation Agency (FAA). Department of Transportation Act of 1966 created the new cabinet-level department – FAA was now Federal Aviation Administration

FAA Centers of Excellence (COE)

In 1990 Public Law 101-508 (49 USC Section 44513) directed the Administrator of the FAA to create the Air Transportation Centers of Excellence (COE) program – legislation mandated selection criteria which are used to evaluate proposals in support of COE solicitations – Administrator has the authority to make grants to institutions of higher education to establish and operate regional Air Transportation Centers of Excellence – Since its inception, the COE program has made a major commitment on the part of the FAA to support multi-year and multi-million dollar research efforts, ensuring coordination and innovation across the university teams that make up the various COEs – investment has resulted in significant advancements in aviation science, technologies, and technology transfer – 13 COEs have included 92 core universities since the first grant award in 1993 – Several universities have served on multiple COE teams – With their non-federal affiliates, COE partners have provided more than $345 million in matching contributions to augment FAA research grants – Through these long-term cost-sharing activities, the government and university-industry teams leveraged resources to advance the technological future of the nation’s aviation industry – Additionally, students have gained hands-on experience applicable to the aviation and aerospace workplace, while producing more than 3,000 doctoral dissertations, theses, and journal articles

FairTech Corporation – founded in 1994 – provide repair and technical consulting services of analytical precision instruments at the very beginning – in 1997, extended services to repair and technical support of semiconductor equipment such as RF generators and DC power supplies, which are critical to the semiconductor industry in the practice of plasma manufacturing process

FARO Technologies Inc – global leader in 3D measurement, imaging and realization solutions, bridging the digital and physical worlds

FDH Aero – aerospace supply chain partner

Federal Aviation Administration Safety Team (FAASTeam)

mission is to lower the US’s aviation accident rate by conveying safety principles and practices through training, outreach, and education; while establishing partnerships and encouraging the continual growth of a positive safety culture within the aviation community – FAA’s Safety Program has a National FAASTeam staff with assigned personnel holding positions such as Safety Liaison Team (SLT) Leads. FAASTeam Program Managers (FPM) are located at Flight Standards District Offices (FSDO) – National FAASTeam develops the National FAASTeam Performance Plan (NPP) as well as national policy and guidance – FSDOs utilize assigned FPMs to accomplish the NPP and achieve the FAA’s safety program goals

Federal Communications Commission (FCC)

Regulates interstate and international communications by radio, television, wire, satellite, and cable in all 50 states, the District of Columbia and US territories – independent US government agency overseen by Congress – the federal agency responsible for implementing and enforcing America’s communications law and regulations

Ferrovial – in 1952, began to develop transportation infrastructure – becoming a leading company in sustainable solutions, engineering and construction of civil works and buildings

FEV Group – has high-quality facilities and team members in the USA to support customers with full turnkey development for intelligent mobility and software solutions, propulsion systems, and full vehicles

FIBERPRO, Inc – specialists in optical measurement and fiber optic sensors

Fischer Connectors – company founder developed the world’s first high-quality sealed circular connector – Swiss-headquartered company – grown from a provider of connectors to a full-service partner in connectivity today is part of the global technology group Conextivity – offer high-performance connectivity solutions that manage power and data flows seamlessly from sensors and devices to the cloud and AI, enabling the emergence of new ecosystems – nearly 600 people worldwide – 4 R&D centers and 6 manufacturing sites – the group comprises two core businesses: Fischer Connectors and Wearin’

FIXAR – leading software and aircraft design developer – powering commercial autonomous UAVs for industrial applications – founded in 2018 by aerospace engineer Vasily Fainveits – holds a unique patented commercial drone design that is simpler and more reliable than other configurations – has a presence in North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa – provides world-class service through the network of distribution partners

Fizoptika Malta – European manufacturer of miniature fiber optic gyros and FOG-based inertial measurement units (FOG IMUs) – more than 190,000 sensors supplied worldwide – sensors provide critical data for guidance, control and inertial navigation systems in autonomous vehicles and drones – widely used for stabilization including gimbal and camera stabilization

Flex Force – founded in 2010 – focused on transitioning promising new technologies in robotics, signal processing, and software into deployable products – Dronebuster – compact, light-weight, cost-effective counter-drone tool to defeat commercial and recreational drone threats – man-portable jammer system is frequently used by dismounted troops, security teams and first responders to use during fluid, ambiguous, fast-paced encounters but is readily mounted into integrated, fixed site jammer applications – available in multiple product configurations – the only handheld electronic attack system authorized by the U.S. Department of Defense

Flexjet – hundreds of the most modern private aircraft – 25+ strategically located operations – maintenance, exclusive private terminals and regional office facilities across North America and Europe – all seamlessly choreographed from a state-of-the-art Global Operations Control Center

FlightGlobal – global aviation community’s primary source of news, data, insight, knowledge and expertise – provide news, data, analytics and advisory services to connect the aviation community globally and help organizations shape their business strategies, identify new opportunities and make better decisions faster

FlightSafety International (FSI) – experience gained in simulators and classrooms empowers aviation professionals with unwavering calmness and composure needed for all situations, from the everyday to the unusual – elevated level of consistent, standardized training – incredible reputation earned from 70+ years of incomparable experience and the unique backing of Berkshire Hathaway

Flight Standards District Office (FSDO)

Local branches of the FAA responsible for investigating the following issues the public may have: Low-flying aircraft, Accident Reporting, Air carrier certification and operations, Aircraft maintenance, Aircraft operational issues, Aircraft permits, Airmen certification (licensing) for pilots, mechanics, repairmen, dispatchers, and parachute riggers, Certification and modification issues, Enforcement of Airmen & Aircraft Regulations, and Illegal Air Charter

Flybotix – created in 2019 – founded by experts in drones and robotics – keeps humans out of confined space with a safe drone solution, advanced software to visually inspect, digitalize and analyze confined space data without human entry – 24 minutes of visual inspection in the field – Flybotix ASIO doubles the flight time vs the closest competitor – replace the complex and fragile mechanics of a helicopter, with simple hardware and advanced algorithms using a single coil and a single magnet – professional tool for confined space inspection: energies, infrastructure, chemical plants, maritime, mining, cement, agriculture

FlyGuys – leader in innovation and quality data capture – robust platform that connects you with professional data capturers, harnessing the power of a borderless pilot network and cutting-edge drone technology for diverse applications

Flylogix – pioneering new ways for aviation that bring together artificial intelligence, satellite communication and low-cost electronics to develop a new generation of smaller, more efficient, unmanned aircraft (UAVs)

FlytBase – mission is to lead the way in enabling drone autonomy for diverse commercial applications as the sky becomes increasingly busier with drones – dedicated to building the world’s leading enterprise-grade drone autonomy platform, that is modular and hardware-agnostic, and that sets the industry standard for seamless integration of hardware and apps

Flytrex – drone delivery operations in Texas and North Carolina

Flyworksdeveloped and patented a novel way to power multirotor drones using a petrol engine – technology combines the remarkable performance of petrol fuel with the safety and simplicity of the multirotor platform – works by delivering most of the power that the drone requires to stay in the air directly from an internal combustion engine while a small electric drive system provides a small fraction of power only for maneuvering – technology can be implemented in any drone platform size to create a wide array of high-performance multirotor platforms for various use-cases from land surveying to air-taxis

Fortem – leader in airspace awareness, security, and defense for detecting and defeating dangerous drones – through an advanced, end to end system of distributed radar, AI at the Edge, deep sensor integration, and autonomous drone capture, Fortem monitors and defends the world’s venues, infrastructures, cities, and regions – same system is accelerating the safety of the world’s airspace for AAM

Forterra – leading provider of autonomous systems for ground-based movement in the working world – among the earliest innovators in the field of driverless technology, focused on building systems which protect front-line soldiers and enable civilian workers in our industrial base – go-to provider of autonomous solutions for the U.S. Department of Defense, which harnesses autonomy for asymmetric warfare in critical conditions

FoxFury LLC – builds portable LED headlamps, flashlights, shield lights, scene lights and area lights – application-specific LED lights are used in firefighting, police, military, industrial safety, hazardous area, filming, and photography – products are designed in California and manufactured with the highest quality USA and foreign parts

FreightWaves – price reporting agency (PRA) focused on the global freight market and the leading provider of high-frequency data for the global supply chain – price, demand, and capacity data allow customers to benchmark, analyze, monitor, and forecast the global physical economy

Frontex – European Border and Coast Guard Agency – supports EU Member States and Schengen-associated countries in the management of the EU’s external borders and the fight against cross-border crime – centre of excellence for border control activities at the EU’s external borders, sharing intelligence and expertise with all Member States and with neighboring non-EU countries affected by migratory trends and cross-border crime

Frontier Precision – employee-owned company – over 36 years of experience serving survey, mapping, engineering, construction, GIS, drones/UAS/unmanned, forensics, law enforcement, forestry, water resources, mosquito & vector control, and natural resources professionals throughout the western United States

FT Technologies – specializes in the design and manufacture of ultrasonic wind sensors – also known as anemometers or air-flow sensors – FT ultrasonic wind sensors are unique due to use of acoustic resonance for measuring wind speed, direction and temperature – invented by Executive Chairman, Dr Savvas Kapartis – patented in 1997 – Acu-Res® Technology uses an acoustic wave which is resonated inside a small cavity – strong resonating sound wave in a small space provides a large signal that is easy to measure – Acu-Res® has a signal to noise ratio more than 40db stronger than other ultrasonic technologies – using Acu-Res® Technology results in a compact, easily heated sensor which operates reliably, even under extreme weather conditions – sensor’s small size means that power is used very efficiently ensuring that the sensor can stay ice-free – Acu-Res® sets FT sensors apart from mechanical and other ultrasonic technologies to give a more robust and reliable wind measurement solution

Fuel Safe Systems – ultra-lightweight systems are critical for any aircraft – work with you to identify strong, flexible, and durable materials for any application – fuel system for a drone, fuel bladder for an aircraft, or a wildfire suppression system

Fullerton Drone Lab – focuses primarily on the application of drones in the following areas: Infrastructure inspection – Surveying – Mapping/GIS – Construction – Architecture – Administration of justice/Public safety – Search and Rescue – Journalism – Cinematography – Photography – Real Estate – Marine Biology – Archeology – Physical Education/Athletics

Fullymax Battery Co., Ltd. – professional manufacturer for high power lithium polymer batteries and battery packs – founded in 2001 – leading lithium polymer battery manufacturing in high power battery field

Fusion Engineering – founded in 2017 by TU Delft alumni Robert Crone (Aerospace Engineering) and Mara Bos (Computer Science) – working to create the most reliable, flexible and easy-to-use flight controller for any type of multirotor drone

Futaba – hobby radio control group

Future Aviation Simulation Technologies (F.A.S.T.) – emerging and innovative company for professional flight simulators using most advanced and revolutionary technologies – specialized on Mixed Reality – goal is to improve flight safety, training efficiency and quality by providing our customers with customized solutions

Garmin – Autonomi – make products that are engineered on the inside for life on the outside – over 19,000 associates in 35 countries around the world – bring GPS navigation and wearable technology to the automotive, aviation, marine, outdoor and fitness markets

GemLight Technologies – custom high-bright, sunlight readable display modules for digital signage and industrial uses, as well as other speciality lighting uses

Gemstar Manufacturing – Robomold robotic rotational molding technology – ideal for military, OEM, industrial and commercial applications where precision and unsurpassed repeatability are key – rotational molding is a biaxial heat molding process used to produce single-piece plastic parts with complex geometries for rugged, high-impact applications – 3-station rotomolding carousel is ideal for the sequential production of parts in mid-volume quantities with variable wall thicknesses, molded-in metal inserts, and embossed/debossed logos and graphics

General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, Inc. – invent and pioneer modern solutions for military, security, governance, environmental operations and more – support customers with the greatest medium-altitude and small unmanned aircraft systems, and cutting-edge mission payload and exploitation technologies

General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA) – voice of the global general aviation manufacturing, maintenance, repair, and overhaul industry – each day, members of the media reach out to GAMA to provide accurate, timely information about policy, regulatory, and economic issues affecting the general aviation industry

Genius NYstartup accelerator – sponsored by Empire State Development – invests $3M annually into seed-stage startups – focused on uncrewed aerial systems, automation and advanced air mobility

Geodnet – building the world’s largest RTK network – web3.0 blockchain-based highly-reliable RTK Network using #DePIN principles – RTK (Real-Time Kinematics) enables a 100x improvement in position accuracy as compared to standalone GPS – global RTK Network naturally complements on-device sensors such as Cameras, LiDAR, and IMU’s to power AI-based Autonomous Systems

Ghost Robotics – ROBOTS THAT FEEL THE WORLD™ – Q-UGVs are only useful if they can live up to their potential – legged robots are made for unstructured terrain where a typical wheeled or tracked device cannot operate efficiently – in urban and natural environments, they need to carry sensors, mesh communications, and manipulators for a range of data collection, intelligence, security, asset protection, and military-specific uses where the operating conditions can be hard for even humans to operate in

GKN Aerospace – leading global tier one supplier of airframe and engine structures, landing gear, electrical interconnection systems, transparencies, and aftermarket services

Global AAM/UAM Market Map – Unmanned Publications Limited service – country-by-country, city-by-city, this map lists the routes, the route-lengths, the key industry players from eVTOL and vertiport manufacturers to local authority partners, the programs which are clearly defined and funded, to speculative, over-the horizon opportunities

Global Aerospace – help aviation and aerospace stakeholders protect their assets and operations – continually innovating to lead the way in the industry

Global Partner Solutions – since 2006 Supply Chain Services – provide on-demand operational support to customers through the highest level of expertise using the latest technologies

Gloria Aviation – specializes in the development of training professional aviation talents through diverse education business sectors such as Gloria Flight Academy and Korean Aviation College – develop safety and efficiency by operating aviation business including MRO, firefighting, VIP transfer, helicopter lease, EMS, UAM Infrastructure support, and Cessna & Garmin service centers

Goksal Aeronautics – founded in 2003 in Istanbul, Turkey – rich history in the field of aviation technology – initially, primary focus was on manufacturing two-seater helicopters – later focus shifted to development of fixed-wing drones for early forest fire detection, and unmanned helicopters designed for efficient crop management – also ventured into the realm of warehouse surveillance and infrastructure mapping – specialist in the development of subsystems for UAVs – product portfolio is centered around three core areas: capacitive liquid sensors, cargo pods, and telemetry devices for beyond line of sight flight

Go Professional Cases Inc – provides the world’s best case protection for drones, UAV systems, robotics and more – products are designed, manufactured, and assembled in Southern California

Greene Rubber Company – since 1931 – extensive capabilities in rubber processing including rubber molding, extruding, vulcanizing, grinding, slitting, laminating, and die cutting using the latest engineering and manufacturing processes – ISO-9001 certified supplier

Greenjets – carrying over experience from the likes of Rolls Royce, General Electric, BAE Systems, Cosworth, Cranfield Aerospace Solutions + many more – team carries over a wealth of experience from the aerospace and automotive sectors – Sycamore 160 small drone – Alder 350 large drone – Hemlock 125 high speed cruise – Aspen 212 small multirotors – patented engine technology increases aircraft safety, reduces the certification burden on customers and cuts noise by at least two thirds – rapid scalability of proprietary technology has enabled the development of a wide array of engines,  designed to propel hovercraft, airships, manned aircraft, multirotors, and more

Greensea IQ – develops intelligent ocean solutions that drive technical advancement for defense, transportation, energy, and science applications

GREMSY – established on April 13th, 2011, by Vietnamese engineers filled with passion, creativity, and an intense desire to create mechatronics products to meet increasing demand in the film industry, especially in Aerial Video-Photography –
in 2011, entered the market as an Aerial Video-Photography Services professional provider – started focusing on R&D activities, then released the first gimbal – H10 in 2013 and a wide range of gimbal products after that including Gremsy H14, H3, H6, H7, H16 – from 2013 to date, developing and expanding the market by launching a series of high-grade quality products like Gremsy T3, Gremsy S1, Pixy F, and Pixy U to meet the rigorous demands of gimbals in commercial sectors – leading brand of aerial camera gimbals for numerous industrial applications, including surveying & mapping, energy & utilities, solar panel inspection, construction, agriculture, and so on

Grepow Inc DBA Tattu Battery – one of the world’s leading battery manufacturers – specializing in special shaped batteries, high discharge rate batteries and modular batteries in China, as well as in the top 5 Ni-MH manufacturers in the world – also manufacture the LiPo and LiFePO4 battery – advanced company offering research, development, production, and sales services – more than 20 years of history

Griffon Aerospace – small business that’s been making big moves since 1995 – primary focus on advanced aerospace systems – designed, built, and flown thousands of vehicles for a variety of customers including the US DoD, allied nations, commercial business, and university research labs – unwavering commitment to delivering cutting-edge innovation with exceptional customer service

GRIMM Cyber – cybersecurity offerings are designed to prevent, detect, deter, and respond to sophisticated cybersecurity attackers – builds and instructs off-the-shelf training courses that explore how to think like an attacker – how an attacker might target and exploit an organization’s systems, networks, or devices – “hands-on” approach is designed for developers, engineers, penetration testers, forensic investigators, vulnerability researchers, security auditors, and general IT professionals – also develops custom courseware

Ground Control – uses satellite and cellular technology to connect people and things – specialize in connecting hard-to-reach people and things – from wind farm telemetry to catch managementflood warnings to forestry machinery, when you have a remote data transfer challenge – design and build own technology, from low power, small form factor satellite IoT devices through to handheld, two-way messaging-enabled trackers – work out of the box, supported by subscription, device and data management platform, Cloudloop – also engineer custom solutions

Groupe ADP – world leader in airport operations – serves in France and abroad – relies both on a unique network of 26 airports at the end of 2023, operated under management contract or concession and on a pool of skills and know-how serving local markets

GSA AAS Defense – leading provider of assisted acquisition services for federal agencies utilizing the FEDSIM service delivery model – services include acquisition, financial, and project management for the full acquisition life cycle – organized within the General Services Administration’s (GSA’s) Federal Acquisition Service (FAS) – Office of Assisted Acquisition Services (AAS)

Guardian Agriculture – drone crop spraying using SC1 designed for commercial acres

H2FLY – first qualified commercial hydrogen-electric powertrain system for aviation – radically new, zero-emission solution – hydrogen is converted into electricity in the fuel cell system to power the demonstrator aircraft HY4, proving that zero-emission aviation is within reach

Hampton Roads Alliance – leading regional economic development organization for the Hampton Roads region of Virginia – nonprofit, public-private partnership supported and led by the region’s most influential business leaders, local governments, and top academic institutions – represent 14 localities – support of nearly 100 private sector investors – govern and resource the organization and its regional economic development efforts – efforts focus on the following services areas: business attraction, business expansion and business intelligence

Harwin – since 1952 – de Laszlo family – early years, a dedicated turning facility – today, a world-leading specialist in reliable and high-performance interconnects – continue to expand and develop new products – UK headquarters carries EN 9100 / AS9100D certification – continually improve quality systems and invest in advanced manufacturing & automation

Harxon Corporation – subsidiary company of BDStar (stock code: 002151) – first company listed in China’s satellite navigation industry – has 2 holding subsidiaries – over 400 employees – more than 200 partners worldwide – establishment in 2008 – business philosophy “Innovation promotes industrial progress” – comprehensive business layout in the fields of satellite positioning and communication antenna – provides customized products and solutions for global customers in the field of surveying and mapping, unmanned aerial vehicles, precision agriculture, digital construction, deformation and safety, intelligent transportation, intelligent connected vehicles and autonomous driving – leading enterprise in the field of satellite positioning antenna in China

Helicopter Association International – now Vertical Aviation International (VAI)

Heliguy counter drone – online retail brand presence of the company Colena Ltd – started life as an RC Helicopter specialist in Northumberland, UK

HeliOperations – demonstrable track-record of aircrew and ground crew training, both live flying-training from its own heliport at Portland and overseas – through synthetic-training at its world-class simulator facility at Culdrose – exemplary record of safe and regulatory compliant operations in numerous locations globally, under EASA Part NCC and EASA Part NCO – provides equipment, regulatory support and operational management services to governments, major aviation operators and private individuals

Helisul – complete structure of hangars – offering Specialized Air Services – SAE, Fixed Base Operator – FBO, Maintenance, Aircraft Charter and Management, Air Medical Transport and Panoramic Flights – currently, fleet of over 50 aircraft – has already invested in the purchase of 20 eVTOLS that will be available as of 2026

Henkel Corporation – in North America, operates across 2 business units: Adhesive Technologies and Consumer Brands –  sales of around 6.6 billion U.S. dollars (6 billion euros) in 2023 – North America accounts for 28 percent of the company’s global sales – employs around 8,000 people across the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico – portfolio includes well-known hair care products, laundry detergents, fabric softeners as well as adhesives, sealants, and functional coatings

Hensoldt – helps to avert threats to armed forces and society and to protect customers from them – German champion in the defense industry with a leading market position in Europe and a global reach

Heron AirBridge – UAS pioneer in the Asia-Pacific region – actively developing complex technologies for UAS mission and traffic control – build next-generation airspace management and drone mission systems in strict compliance with global standards and regulations to ensure operational safety, security, and efficiency day in, day out

Hexagon – global leader in digital reality solutions, combining sensor, software and autonomous technologies – solutions free customers to harness the rapidly-increasing amounts of data, putting it to work to boost efficiency, productivity, quality and safety across industrial, manufacturing, infrastructure, public sector and mobility applications

HGH Infrared Systems – founded in 1982 – designs, develops, installs and markets optronic systems for industrial, civil, defense and security applications – international reference in terms of innovation in the field of infrared technology thanks to the development of multiple advanced sensors

Hidden Level – founded in 2018 in Syracuse, NY – address the growing need for a scalable, cost-effective drone detection solution – only company in the industry that provides a truly scalable DaaS offering for drone detection and low altitude airspace awareness

High Lander – created software solutions that set a global standard for drone fleet management and consolidated airspace control – enable anyone to begin using drones at a professional level, while creating a U-space where crewed and uncrewed aerial vehicles can operate together in harmony

High Point Aerotechnologies – new frontier of battlefield and security dominance – world’s leading autonomy and counter-autonomy organization – born out of the global necessity for AI-native solutions – advance at the pace of technological innovation and push the envelope of what is possible

Hirth Engines GmbH  – launched a global market focus program dedicated to providing customers with the perfect fit for their propulsion needs – over 90 years’ experience in producing two-stroke engines – guarantee impeccable service, warranty and parts availability whether a manufacturer, pilot or hobbyist – provide technical support and maintenance and overhaul training at customer premises – for sectors such as UAV, the initial maintenance program is undertaken at global headquarters in in Germany where they are subject to the maintenance regime, tested and re-qualified at the purpose-built testing facilities at our plant near Stuttgart

Hitec Commercial Solutions – founded in 1973 – Hitec RCD began as an exporter of light emitting diodes, with a mission to bring burgeoning technology to a worldwide audience – founders then set sights on researching and developing radio and servo system technologies – for 50 years, established as a world leader and innovator, trusted by industrial and hobby consumers alike – 2002 acquisition of the highly esteemed German-based Multiplex Modellsport combined the strengths of two respected brands, facilitating extensive expansion of our product lines – for 5 decades, manufactured award winning servos and engineered technological advancements that have become milestones in the commercial, industrial and hobby sectors – pushing the boundaries of servo actuator technology through diligent research and development, and exemplary engineering prowess

Hobbywing Technology – hobby enthusiasts who love both full size & R/C aircraft, boats, car & trucks – team has a broad range of interests, which helps us develop new products

Holybro – seller of drone peripherals – autopilot flight controller – power modules – GPS systems – drone development kits – FPV products

Honeywell Aerospace UAV/UAM/AAMUAM Lab – harnessing the power of engineering creativity – leveraging a century of proven pedigree in safe, efficient aviation to make urban air taxi travel, drone delivery of parcels, and all forms of electric and autonomous flight possible

Hoodman Corporation – since 1986, has been creating innovative, useful tools to support professional image makers in the field – engaging customers at over 14 tradeshows a year worldwide for over 33 years – Hoodman Hoods set the broadcast standard for viewing field monitors glare free – created the Hood for officials to see Instant Replays out on the field – by 2000, designed their patented, glare free Hoodloupe to enable photographers to review images on their camera LCD screens outdoors – introduced tear drop shaped eyecups to help digital photographers link their eye to the camera to block out all the ambient light from entering their viewfinders – by 2006, began rivaling the giant corporate memory card makers by producing small, precision card runs with the fastest components available for unequalled reliability and state-of-the art image quality – provided the first and continues to make ruggedized metal card readers today – in 2011, went Green and developed an organic lens cleaning kit to put an end to the use of caustic chemicals for lens cleaning – Lens Cleanse kits were convenient, single, tear open packets holding a wet towel and a dry towel – in 2015, made an Aviator line of hoods so drone pilots could see their iPads glare free outdoors – created its patented, pierceable bottom hood panel which allowed touch screen access and the Aviator hood line was born – 3 months later, created the patented self-weighted Landing pads to keep drone cameras and gimbals clean throughout take off and landing – bright orange pads have become the industry standard for safely marking take off and landing areas – pads also provide a visual alert to manned aircraft above that a drone is operating in the airspace – by 2017, began creating mapping tools to help aerial drone surveyors with Ground Control Point Kits to improve the precision of their surveying efforts

Horizon Aerobotics – aims to expand access to public airspace by developing the safest drones on the planet – helping operators fly farther, with greater safety, reliability, and productivity to accomplish more successful missions and achieve more of their goals

Horizon Aircraft– founded by an elite fighter pilot – fueled by a lifetime in military and commercial aviation experience – team of engineers, pilots, and business specialists – dedicated to expanding the possibilities of regional transportation

Hurley IR – leading manufacturer of infrared and visual camera systems used on a variety of platforms – small woman owned business – thousands of units deployed throughout the world – maintains under a 1% failure rate in the field – trusted by all branches of the US Military to protect the Armed Forces with the most reliable, rugged and durable systems available – systems are trusted to protect MASSPORT, Logan Airport, Camp Victory,  Mata Khan District Center, Sar Howza District Center, COP Margah, Bari-Ali, Yosef Kehl District Center, Super FOB, US military in RG-31’s, MRAPs, Buffalos, and HMMVWs and more

Hylio – creates crop spraying drone systems that are extremely easy to use and reliable – mission is to make farming easier and more successful for everyone – proudly American owned and operated

HyLight – 80 million kilometers of energy infrastructure on our planet – power lines and pipelines critical to the proper functioning of our society – have to be inspected at regular intervals (sometimes several times a month) to ensure their good condition and prevent failures – today, these inspections are carried out with vehicles that emit high levels of greenhouse gases – HyLighter is able to carry out these inspections more accurately, more safely for human beings and with 0 greenhouse gas emissions in flight – beyond this direct avoidance of emissions, their greatest impact lies in the data they collect – by making inspections more efficient, HyLighter enables the detection of previously uncollected data – large scale methane leak detection is now viable – these leaks on oil and gas infrastructures account for 4% of global greenhouse gas emissions – operators can repair them – to repair them, they must be identified – HyLight makes this possible at large scale and even for the finest leaks – HyLight’s technology will soon be useful in other sectors too – to observe hundreds of hectares of European forests and understand the new diseases affecting them – to analyze the evolution of sea levels by effectively observing coastlines – to understand the growing hydric stress affecting agricultural land – HyLighter will enable us to better observe and understand our world in the face of climate change

Hyperlocal Weather – most accurate weather app for Android and IOS-IPhone which is best replacement of the Dark Sky  – data from Apple’s Dark Sky weather source (Weatherkit)

HZO Inc – delivers world-class nanocoating solutions that safeguard electronics, electrical products & critical applications in an ever-changing market – work with some of the largest companies across industries from design through production, regardless of the volume, complexity, or protection required to deliver a more reliable, durable product

IdeaForgevertically integrated company with an in-house product development center – design, develop, engineer, and manufacture indigenous UAVs – pioneer and the pre-eminent market leader in the Indian UAS – UAVs are equipped with industry leading specifications and capabilities – largest operational deployment of indigenous UAVs across India

IFS Cloud – brings the next generation of cloud-based enterprise software for companies all over the world – team has 5,500+ employees – more than 80 countries – trusted by 500+ partners and thousands of customers worldwide

iGiS Co. Ltd. – insulating glass processing solution – 1995 – Korea

iJet – ImperialJet – long-established provider of tailored private jet charter, leasing, management and ownership solutions – considerable proven experience operating Boeing, Bombardier and Gulfstream private jets for over two decades – holds a German Air Operators Certificate (AOC) – one of very few European carriers to hold the ARGUS Gold accreditation

Impact Electronic Solutions – leading electronics manufacturing company – leveraging over 100 years of combined experience – deliver engineering-focused solutions at the highest level

Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS)

now called the USCIS – government agency that oversees lawful immigration to the US – 19,000 government employees and contractors – working at more than 200 offices across the world

Inertial Labs Inc. – over 20 years of industry experience – leading designer, integrator, and manufacturer of cutting-edge Inertial Measurement Units (IMUs), GPS-Aided Inertial Navigation Systems (INSs), and Attitude & Heading Reference Systems (AHRSs) – team leverages highly accurate and temperature calibrated MEMS gyroscopes and accelerometers to provide high performing inertial solutions across many applications – designs and develops quality products at the best price-performance ratio – provides solutions capable of utilizing data from an array of sources including air data computers (ADCs), ToF Mesh-Based Software Defined Radios (SDRs), Visual Odometry, Air Speed Sensors, Odometers, Encoders, and Standalone Magnetic Compasses (SAMCs) – lead developer of exciting technologies – include Inertial Sensing, Assured Position Navigation and Timing (APNT), GNSS Tracking, LiDAR Scanning, Alternative Navigation (ALTNAV), Visual Navigation, and Programmable Navigation Solutions

Inertial Sense – making precision navigation so lightweight and affordable that it could be deployed anywhere – rapidly emerging industries of drones, mobile robotics, aerospace and defense, autonomous vehicles, and automated manufacturing require scalable and affordable navigation solutions – essential partner for companies that need tactical-grade navigation solutions with a solid vision and roadmap to autonomy

infiniDome Ltd. – develop GPS protection and resilient navigation solutions tailored to defend UAVs and vehicles from jamming attacks – disrupting GPS protection for UAVs for defense/HLS – same for delivery drone protection tomorrow

IN-FLIGHT Data – deliver advancements in RPAS technology innovation to customers and the market – deliver timely, high quality spatial data acquisition, that partners and customers trust to make business and mission-critical decisions

Innoflight International – JR UAV – cutting-edge manufacturer of commercial unmanned aerial vehicles – founded in 2019 – based in Brisbane, Australia – receives support from INF Taiwan, a well-respected player in the unmanned vehicle control systems industry with over 20 years of experience – specializes in the research and development of unmanned system solutions, with a focus on UAV autopilots and related systems – specializes in producing commercial surveying drones, utilizing the latest technology in autopilots, servos, and manufacturing processes – focus is on customer satisfaction, and they prioritize understanding their customers’ needs and implementing quick and efficient design changes based on customer feedback

InnovAero – leading the industry in aeronautical product development and manufacturing – world-class capabilities when it comes to innovative designs, ground-breaking technologies and multidisciplinary expertise – providing a complete range of product design, certification and manufacturing services for the aviation industry and beyond

InoBat – specializes in the pioneering research, development, manufacture, and provision of premium innovative electric batteries custom-designed to meet the specific requirements of global mainstream and specialist OEMs within the automotive, commercial vehicle, motorsport, and aerospace sectors

Inova Drone – commercial and defense focused unmanned systems design company – excels with rapid design of high performance and ruggedized aerial vehicle systems utilizing cutting edge AI technology for mission critical applications

Inside Unmanned Systems – provides actionable business intelligence to decision-makers and influencers operating within the dynamic global UAS / UAV / drone community – news and analysis of key technologies, independent reports on the latest policy and regulatory developments, and actionable evaluation of new product designs and applications support the results stakeholders need to succeed across the commercial, civil and defense sectors

Insitu – (Boeing) – pioneer in the design, development, production, and operation of high-performance, cost-effective uncrewed aircraft systems – wholly owned subsidiary of The Boeing Company – headquartered in Bingen, Washington – offices in Oregon, Australia and the United Kingdom – technologies help defense and government customers around the globe make quicker, more informed decisions to get the warfighter home safely

Inspired Flight – began in 2017 – in San Luis Obispo, CA – founded as a UAV motor and speed controller manufacturer – to greatly increase the quality of UAV parts available on the market – committed to American manufacturing since those very first days – higher quality components – apply the same design principles towards complete UAV platforms – values of quality, safety, and re-shoring American manufacturing

Integer Technologies LLC – high-performance research teams give customers the technological edge in critical areas such as the electrification of military platforms, intelligent and reliable unmanned systems, digital engineering, and advanced manufacturing technologies – aim to transform how these systems are designed and built to support the fielding of urgently needed capabilities

Inteliports – first in class engineering of avionics, automation systems and AI development – trusted by industry partners including Ministry of Defense, NHS, and the Solent Future Transport Zone – team of architects and urban planners that have delivered the ‘cities of tomorrow’ – tackling key challenges in the sector around where we fly, how we land and how we connect to the built environment – building solutions and designing operations that can implement UAS & AAM in a safe, socially impactful and scalable manner into communities and businesses across the globe

Intelligent Energy – leading independent fuel cell manufacturer – built on 30 years’ experience in the development and manufacture of zero-emission hydrogen fuel cell power systems

InterGlobe Enterprises – since 1989 – bridging gaps between people and markets – unswerving commitment to this purpose – established a strong foothold in businesses such as aviation, hospitality, logistics, travel commerce, airline management, advanced pilot training and aircraft maintenance engineering – continued to expand their vision and become India’s leading and one of the most respected conglomerates – headquartered in Gurugram – driven by a workforce of over 60,000 people – spread across 35+ countries and 130+ cities globally – passion for quality, value and innovation is set to power them into the future

International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)

funded and directed by 193 national governments to support their diplomacy and cooperation in air transport as signatory states to the Chicago Convention (1944) – core function is to maintain an administrative and expert bureaucracy (the ICAO Secretariat) supporting these diplomatic interactions – research new air transport policy and standardization innovations as directed and endorsed by governments through the ICAO Assembly, or by the ICAO Council which the assembly elects

Invariant Corporation – founded in 2001 by David Anderson, Brent Spears, and Brett Gossage – offer a wide range of experience and expertise in hardware and sensor development, prototyping, and cutting-edge custom software development, combined with an unparalleled dedication to excellence

Iridium Satellite LLC – global satellite communications company – providing access to voice and data services anywhere on Earth – constellation of satellites – network connects people and devices in the world’s most remote places – and close to home

Iris Automation – (Now UAvionix) – power the world’s best drones to fly beyond line of sight – helps building your commercial drone program to achieve BVLOS – Iris Automation Casia systems play brilliantly with multirotor, fixed wing and VTOL aircraft and autopilot systems

Italdesign – inspire, integrate, develop and produce the most cutting‑edge solutions in mobility and many industrial fields in today’s globalized market – visionary design, engineering and prototyping company – able to turn into a system integrator and to anticipate the needs of a fast‑changing world – from styling to engineering, from prototypes manufacturing to testing and validation

ITG DroneSolutions – emerged in 2021 as a spin-off of the Technological Institute of Galicia (ITG) with the purpose of introducing state-of-the-art technology to the market that can meet the increasing demands of drone operators – nationally recognized Technology Center, acknowledged for its research excellence in Artificial Intelligence (CERVERA Excellence Network), Energy Transition, and Intelligent Mobility, with a particular focus on unmanned aerial systems – 30 years of experience

ITP Aero – established in 1989 – based in Zamudio (Basque Country) – world leading aeroengine company – global leader in the design, development, manufacture, and servicing of aero components in both the commercial aviation and defense industries – demonstrated its ability to continuously advance its core capabilities and build on new developments, lead large-scale R&T programs and work in strong partnership with its global customers and partners; as can be seen from their positioning on some of today’s most environmentally friendly new engine platforms – independent global company – more than 5,000 employees – facilities in Spain, UK, Mexico, USA, Malta and India – continues to invest to build and evolve its proprietary technology, operational capacity, sustainability,  product and service capabilities, while ensuring a strong governance foundation and commitment to its values

ITT Cannon – leader in the design and manufacture of connectors & interconnect solutions

Jaunt Air Mobility – transformative aerospace company – headquartered in Dallas, Texas – design and manufacturing in Montreal, Canada – building the best in the next generation of eVTOL and hybrid-electric VTOL aircraft for faster travel over urban areas, moving people and packages – global leader in Slowed-Rotor Compound (SRC) technology – Jaunt Journey is the world’s first aircraft combining helicopter and airplane flight capabilities – Tier 1 aviation partners to develop the Journey – intends to work with operators globally to provide this new form of travel – offers the safest, quietest, most comfortable, and operationally efficient aircraft with a zero-carbon footprint

JAXA – Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency – born through the merger of three institutions, namely the Institute of Space and Astronautical Science (ISAS), the National Aerospace Laboratory of Japan (NAL) and the National Space Development Agency of Japan (NASDA) – designated as a core performance agency to support the Japanese government’s overall aerospace development and utilization – can conduct integrated operations from basic research and development, to utilization

JEJU Air – relatively new airline – formed in 2005 – low-cost carrier that innovates the way people travel – affordability of flights has made air travel part of everyday life for many people – have taken innovative steps to develop Korea into a tourism destination in ways that have never been done before – as of early 2024, staff totaled approximately 3,000 employees – Gimpo International Airport, Incheon International Airport and Jeju International Airport in Korea serving as the main hubs

Jekta – PHA-ZE 100 is a regional amphibious aircraft that generates zero emissions at source – means the lowest cost per passenger possible and minimal supporting infrastructure requirements – team behind the PHA-ZE 100 has already developed traditional two and eight-seater amphibious airframes

Jenoptik Optical Systems LLC – optical technologies – global photonics group – comprises the 2 divisions Advanced Photonic Solutions and Smart Mobility Solutions – non-photonic activities, particularly for the automotive market, are operated as independent brands within the Non-Photonic Portfolio Companies – key markets primarily include semiconductor & electronics, life science & medical technology as well as smart mobility – approximately 4,600 people worldwide – headquartered in Jena, Germany – listed on the German Stock Exchange in Frankfurt  – traded on the MDax and TecDax

Jetson Aero – pioneering EVTOL company – mission to change the way we travel – aim to make the skies available for everyone with their safe personal electric aerial vehicle

JetZero – founded by the aviation pioneers who invented the original Blended Wing Body (BWB) – team has grown to include aerospace engineers from across the sector and advisors from the industry-leading manufacturers and airlines – developing an ultra-efficient Blended Wing Body jet with unprecedented performance – working with the US Air Force, NASA and the FAA for entry-into-service by 2030

Joby Aviation2022 Environmental, Social & Governance Report – pioneering electric aircraft – faster, cleaner, and smarter way to carry people through their lives – powered by 6 electric motors – takes off and lands vertically – flexibility to serve almost any community – flying might feel more like getting into an SUV than boarding a plane

2024 – Joby Aviation acquires autonomy division of Xwing

Johnson Hicks Marine Electronics – marine electronics business – over 30 years – building the knowledge and expertise to be able to offer support and advice to a wide range of customers over the last couple of decades – one of the only dealerships on the west coast that is involved in every facet of the marine electronics industry – from retail to wholesale, E-commerce to distribution, repair to installations and from government to law enforcement – installers are fully certified by each brand sold along with the National Marine Electronics Association

Joint Authorities for Rulemaking on Unmanned Systems (JARUS)

group of experts gathering regulatory expertise from all around the world – presently, 63 countries and the EASA and EUROCONTROL are contributing to the development of JARUS work products – Stakeholder Consultation Body (SCB), representing all industry communities of interest, was established to allow stakeholders the opportunity to support JARUS activities – purpose of JARUS, as stated in the Terms of Reference, is “to recommend a single set of technical, safety and operational requirements for all aspects linked to the safe operation of the UAS

Jump Aero – founder Carl Dietrich always dreamed of making personal aviation a bigger part of everyday life – after studying engineering in the MIT Aero/Astro department, Dietrich founded Terrafugia in 2006 to pursue that dream – at Terrafugia, Carl led the team that developed the first aircraft capable of converting between a street-legal car and a light sport aircraft in less than 30 seconds – the Terrafugia Transition® – he led the development of early eVTOL aircraft concepts including the Terrafugia TF-X flying car and the TF-2 air taxi – after selling Terrafugia to Geely, the parent company of Volvo, Lotus, and Polestar cars, Carl established a global Research and Development center for Terrafugia which attracted top talent from around the world to advance eVTOL air taxi concepts and business models – Carl left Terrafugia to found Jump Aero in 2019 – inspired by the same childhood dream of making aviation a bigger part of everyday life, Carl recognized that this new eVTOL technology opened a fundamentally new use for an aircraft—and that this new use case could have life-saving impact – Jump Aero is committed to leveraging the unique aspects of all-electric aircraft propulsion technology to achieve the maximum benefit for society as quickly as possible by helping first responders save lives – Carl joined forces with co-founders Jeff Myjak and Katerina Barilov to achieve the goal of saving over 100,000 lives each year with sustainable eVTOL aircraft operations – Jump Aero bypasses many of the barriers that hold back eVTOL air taxis – by making a one-person aircraft that is operated by a trained professional, Jump Aero dramatically reduces the risk, the time, and the money needed to certify the aircraft to the necessary levels of safety while simultaneously opening a green field $10bn market opportunity that has overwhelming public support

KAI (Korea Aerospace Industries, Ltd.) – total solution provider in aerospace – leading role in national aviation industry and security with successful development of KT-1 Basic Trainer, T-50 Advanced Jet trainer, FA-50 Light Combat Aircraft, KUH-1 Utility Helicopter and RQ-101 Unmanned Aerial Vehicle – currently KFX and LAH/LCH program which is future growth engine are under development – extending its scope to space business by participating the development such as Korea Multi-Purpose Satellites, Compact Advanced Satellite 500 and Defense Satellite, as well as Korea Space Launch Vehicle

Kailas Robotics – robotic arms for moving platforms

Kakao Mobility – ‘Smart mobility’, which Kakao Mobility is creating by considering all movements in the world, from people to objects and services, is about creating a more convenient and valuable daily life – prepare for a future of better mobility through technology and data

Kaman Aerospace – vver the past 70 years, have started, acquired and divested dozens of innovative businesses in fields ranging from aerospace and industrial distribution to music and scientific research

Kaman Air Vehicles – over the past 70 years, started, acquired and divested dozens of innovative businesses in fields ranging from aerospace and industrial distribution to music and scientific research – from the initial flight of the K-125 to the first unmanned helicopter, have always broken new ground in aerospace technology

Karem Aircraft – develops and manufactures advanced fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft, including manned and unmanned high-efficiency tiltrotors – patented Optimum Speed Tiltrotor (OSTR) technology combines the fast, inexpensive, safe operation of efficient fixed-wing airplanes with the robust hover capability of helicopters – team of world-class engineers, technicians, and professionals work to create innovative vehicles and improved mobility, including best-in-class rotorcraft and aircraft solutions for commercial and military markets – headquartered in Orange County, California with offices in York, Virginia and Victorville, California

KinectAir – network of operators, aircraft and passengers is connected with software which enables efficiencies which have previously been technologically impossible – current fleet is made up of the efficient aircraft available today – ambitions are for an even cleaner and greener future – have forged partnerships with the most promising tech out there – leaders in the world of electric, hybrid and hydrogen powered aircraft – those aircraft, currently nascent, will one day become the norm – as that technology evolves and becomes certified by the FAA for commercial passenger flights they will incorporate those aircraft into their fleet just as they currently do today

Knowledge Testing Center (KTC)

PSI is the company responsible for FAA Written Knowledge Test administration

Kodiak Robotics – autonomous technology drives more consistently than humans do, while reducing downtime – means goods travel farther, faster – greater efficiency means increased asset utilization, more reliable deliveries, and reduced spoilage – harnessing autonomy for difficult-to-hire long haul lanes also helps to ease the driver shortage, allowing customers to attract and retain great drivers by offering them routes closer to home – autonomous technology is built to operate in any situation where human-operated movement would be inefficient, unpredictable, or dangerous – from industry to national defense

Kongsberg Defense & Aerospace – For more than 200 years, combined industrial experience with technology and creativity – alone and in partnership with others, developed world-class products that have made the planet safer and more sustainable – from the bottom of the sea to the outermost space – for the future, they will continue to solve the safety, environment and climate challenges facing the world – everything they do is about creating security – protecting people and the planet to secure future generations

Kookiejar – sustainable human tech company in air mobility – AAM relies on infrastructure within the lower air space as well as accessible start and landing spots – vertiports – draw upon cutting-edge expertise in both ground and air infrastructure – with key partners provide a unique combination to the global air mobility ecosystem – KookieJar vertiport network is designed to be a smart, flexible, and adaptable solution in moving more people and goods sustainably and efficiently – provide 20 vertiports at the cost of one conventional, creating an efficient vertiport network – coupled with existing and non-existing infrastructure, build a scalable and modular vertiport network to enable air mobility for all

Kratos – technology, products, system and software company addressing the defense, national security, and commercial markets

Kutta Technologies LLC – trusted leader in providing safety-critical uncrewed systems software and products – develop innovative and reliable Command, Control, and Communications (C3) software components and subsystems with autonomous applications for U.S. defense and national security customers and international partners – technical and innovative acumen enables smarter, safer Uncrewed Aerial Systems (UAS), radio communications, and visualization tools

L3Harris VAMPIRE – Vehicle-Agnostic Modular Palletized ISR Rocket Equipment (VAMPIRE) is a portable kit that can be installed on most vehicles with a cargo bed for launching of the advanced precision kill weapons system (APKWS) or other laser-guided munitions

LaFlamme Aero – offers a complete training program for the operators and maintainers – aircraft maintenance engineers help keep your LX300™ airworthy and to help customers optimize the maintenance operations – team has its background as an engineering firm specialized in finite element analysis and product development – engineering department offer specialized services

Land Rotor – world’s most innovative personal air vehicle now in development is about to enter the gaming industry with an immersive experience like no other on the planet – building the largest indoor extreme powersports entertainment venue with online streaming and interactive sharing – revolutionary Advanced Air Mobility Sportster puts YOU in the driver’s seat of an actual flying car

LanzaJet – decarbonizing the aviation industry with low-carbon Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) that is compatible with existing aircraft and infrastructure – there are several ways the industry can reduce its carbon emissions – sustainable aviation fuel is by far the best opportunity to decarbonize how we fly – this change is needed today – not in 15 years, 10 years, or even 5 years – have made it their mission to accelerate a net zero transition for aviation

LaunchPoint – designs and manufactures high specific power electric machines and controller solutions for the aerospace, defense, thermal management, power generation, and AAM markets

Leica Geosystems – the official global eCommerce team and website for Leica Geosystems – comprised of professionals with backgrounds in engineering, architecture, design, and surveying, among others

Leidos – makes the world safer, healthier, and more efficient through technology, engineering, and science – global leader in the development and application of technology to solve customers’ most demanding challenges – more than 400 locations – 30 countries – continue to expand their presence and strengthen their international relationships – hold a number of government-wide acquisition, indefinite delivery and quantity, blanket purchase agreement, and customer-specific task order contract vehicles in support of civilian and defense agency missions

LEMO – interconnection solutions

LEO Flight Corporation – founders Pete Bitar and Carlos Salaff – formed in the Spring of 2020 – belief that a massive leap was ready to be made in the technology and design of flying cars – saw that a tipping point had been reached – science-fiction vision of compact, personal flying cars is now within reach – Bitar and Carlos are hands-on builders, having built, tested, and commercialized several automobile and aircraft designs with both small teams, and large corporations – Advisory Board is best-in-class – Strategic Alliance with cutting-edge aerospace manufacturer Eagle Technologies, LLC, provides confidence that LEO Flight and its partners have the know-how to create the future – LEO Coupe represents the next step in the future of flight, enabling high-speed, safe, and personal travel with the simplicity of an automobile

Leonardo Falcon Shield – global industrial group that builds technological capabilities in Aerospace, Defence & Security – play a prominent role in major international strategic programs – trusted technological partner of governments, defense agencies, institutions and enterprises

LI-COR Environmental – enables scientists around the world to improve lives by advancing discovery – from the first low-cost light sensor filtered for the waveband absorbed by plants, to pioneering the development of near-infrared fluorescence detection systems for DNA sequencing – strives to provide innovative solutions for researchers – leading innovator in systems for plant research, gas analysis, drug discovery, protein research, and small animal imaging

Lift AircraftuShip founder, Matt Chasen, and former FLIKE team members join forces to develop an electric, vertical takeoff and landing aircraft that anyone can fly

Lift Works – UAS hybrid flight power and propulsion systems

LightWare LiDAR LLC – pioneers in LiDAR technology – evolved this powerful extra-sensory capability into compact, ultralight, and high-performing sensors that enable machines to perceive their surroundings, unlocking a new era of autonomy

Lilium Air Mobility – assembled some of the brightest minds in aerospace – ambitious team of diverse backgrounds and talents – backed by investors – working in partnership with governments, regulators and specialist suppliers – drive and expertise to make electric flight a reality – have developed and delivered some of the world’s most successful and complex aircraft – first electric vertical take-off and landing jet

Limosa – pioneers of electric innovation in air medical transport – Airmedic and Limosa – showcases mixed-reality flight simulations, designing, and test flights in latest video featuring revolutionary eVTOL and eCTOL aircraft

Linden Photonics Inc – headquartered in Westford Massachusetts – founded in 2002 – design specialists have developed a range of miniature, high strength optical fiber, hybrid and specialty copper cables for environments where high performance and compact size are critical – continually expanding product portfolio started with the simple, yet innovative, design of STFOC products – since 2002, expanded into a worldwide cable supplier with customers in 24 countries and all 7 continents – from the deepest depths of the ocean to land based operations to aerospace and onto satellites

LINIA AG – software for automated inspection – fast and safe data capture with drones, based on digital twins

LiquidPiston Inc – based in Bloomfield, CT – develops compact, powerful, quiet, efficient, low-vibration, multi-fuel capable combustion engines that are scalable from 1HP to over 1000 HP – comprehensive patent coverage that includes the novel HEHC thermodynamic cycle, engines that embody the cycle, and enabling technologies

Lobo Leasing – established in 2011 by industry veterans Bill Wolf, Howard Wolf and John Contas in partnership with GSO Blackstone – developed into a full service aircraft leasing platform – headquartered in Dublin, Ireland – offices worldwide – team brings together all the commercial, technical, accounting and legal expertise needed to effectively manage aircraft lease portfolios

Lockheed Martin Counter-Swarm Technology Combats Threats – specialize in defense tech, solving complex challenges, advancing scientific discovery and delivering innovative solutions that help our customers keep people safe

Loft Dynamics AG – (formerly VRM Switzerland) – specializes in designing, manufacturing, and operating VR flight simulation training devices (FSTDs) for various aircraft systems – 2024 Loft to develop virtual reality eVTOL aircraft simulator for Dufour

Loganair – Scottish airline

LunaLite Drone Show Technologies – US and Caribbean based Drone Light show company – uses high performance drones with ultra-bright LEDs visible from miles away – drones are compact, lightweight and responsive with precise drone positioning – dedicated drone management software – create the most awe-inspiring presentations for special events, venues, public celebrations – also implement permanent installations at venues , theme parks, and special long term activations

LYNEPorts – enable ground & airspace integration of eVTOL (air taxis) and drones with intuitive and user-friendly geospatial software

Lyte Aviation – embrace a holistic view on pioneering heavyweight hybrid hydrogen-electric VTOL for 40 passengers – SkyBus – cargo variant – SkyTruck




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