Eagle Pubs is Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University’s open educational resource (OER) publishing platform, supported by the ERAU libraries.  Faculty and staff from any campus can create, publish, and adapt open textbooks, providing them at no cost for students and the wider educational community.  Scholarly Commons, ERAU’s institutional repository, houses adopted OER textbooks and additional open resources, and works in conjunction with Eagle Pubs.

Eagle Pubs is a Pressbooks network.  Pressbooks is simple book production software that allows you to create content on the web and export it into multiple formats, including accessible EPUBs and PDFs.  It also supports educational tools such as Hypothesis annotations, LaTeX, and H5P activities.  You can explore the Pressbooks Directory to see available OER on the Pressbooks platform for inspiration or to clone for adaptation.

To learn more about Pressbooks at ERAU, review our Pressbooks Policies or visit our Pressbooks Guide.  For questions or information about starting a project in Eagle Pubs, contact us using the form below.